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Halloween Pumpkin Paper Hats

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Pumpkin carving is a great activity, but pumpkin crafting may be a better choice for little kids. Let’s create these cute Halloween pumpkin paper hats to get into the Halloween spirit. These paper crowns are such a nice handmade touch to the costumes.

Halloween pumpkin paper hats for kids

Enjoy these Coloring Paper Hats for Halloween

If you were wondering how to keep your kids busy and entertained this Halloween, I have the perfect activity for you. The Halloween pumpkin template comes with three pattern options so your little ones can choose their favorite face.

Halloween pumpkin paper hats for preschoolers and older kids
Coloring Halloween pumpkin paper hats
DIY Halloween pumpkin paper hats

I have also included a blank pattern so kids can create their own Jack-O-Lantern paper hat.

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Easy to make Halloween pumpkin paper crowns

Coloring is an important development activity for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids .It improves hand eye coordination and teaches little ones their colors.

Moreover, it will help get their focus away from screens and towards a fun activity.

The Halloween pumpkin paper hats come with big patterns that are easy for kids not only to color but also to cut out. What a great fine motor skills activity!

Halloween pumpkin headband

Teach Kids About Pumpkins with Crafting

If you are a preschool teacher, you can add this craft to a pumpkin unit study. There are so many fun pumpkin activities for preschoolers, like measuring, weighing or counting seeds and crafts can bring a nice touch to the hands on activities. This way, teaching will be done more efficient, as practical knowledge is a good way of retaining information.

Halloween paper hats

Facts About Pumpkins

  • Pumpkin comes from the Greek word Pepon, which means Melon.
  • Pumpkins are fruit
  • Pumpkins are produced everywhere except Antarctica.
  • Eighty percent of the pumpkin supply in the United States is available in the month of October.

These pumpkin paper crowns can also be a good class activity to help you organize the Halloween party. Each student can choose their favorite version or create their own Jack-O-Lantern and wear the hats on Halloween day.

If you’re looking for a variety of Halloween paper hats, here are some:

Jack-O-Lantern paper hats

The Perfect Headbands for a Halloween Party

If you are planning to organize a Halloween party at your home, make sure to include these Halloween pumpkin paper hats in your plans. Print one headband for each guest and set up a coloring table.

Making the paper hats doesn’t require many supplies, just colored pencils, scissors and tape.

Or kids can bond with grandparents over Halloween and make paper hats together.

Halloween Pumpkin Paper Hats

Jack-O-Lantern hats for kids

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How to Make a Pumpkin Headband

Print the headband on white paper.

color the pumpkin

Color the pumpkin and two side panels and cut them out.

tape the side panels to the front piece

Tape two side panels to the front piece.

Bend the headband into a circle. Wrap it around the kid’s head to check for fit. Tape the ends together.

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