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Black Cat Paper Hat

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Whether you’re looking for a Halloween coloring activity for kids or a fun and not scary headband to make in the classroom with preschoolers or older students, this black cat paper hat is perfect.

Black cat paper hat for kids

Halloween is just around the corner and we are getting ready with family-friendly crafts and paper hats. I’m all for fun Halloween crafts that young kids can enjoy and easily make.

Black Cat Paper Hat: Perfect Activity for Halloween 

Crafting and coloring are great activities for creative young kids and this black cat paper hat is so much fun. Make it with little ones at home and be ready for the Halloween fun.

Halloween Black cat paper hat

Paper Hats for the Halloween Party

Do you plan on hosting a Halloween party this year? Or maybe your family is invited to one.

Making paper hats could be a fun party activity for young kids. Set up a coloring table on the side and invite little ones to make their own Halloween headbands.

No need for many supplies. Just scissors for cutting and tape. Kids can used the colored black cat headband or color the black and white template version.

More Halloween Crafts for Kids:

Easy Black cat paper hat for Halloween

Excellent Coloring Craft for Preschoolers

If you are a preschool teacher, this is a perfect activity to use in the classroom with your students. The black cat paper crown comes with two templates, one is colored and the other one is black and white. The black and white template is for coloring.

Have these black cat paper hats colored for the Halloween classroom party. For a variety of headbands, you can also use this pumpkin paper crown. I plan on creating even more Halloween hats, so make sure to come back and see the rest of the collection.

Black cat paper hat for kids to color

Benefits of Coloring

Coloring is an excellent way for kids to practice their grasping movements and it helps develop hand and finger strength. Moreover, when they are involved in coloring, they improve their focus, stimulate creativity, and work on their fine motor skills.

Black cat paper hats

Interesting Facts About Black Cats

These days black cats are considered to bring bad luck and are associated with Halloween, but it wasn’t always like this. They were once worshiped as Gods.

If you find yourself in Japan, make sure to visit the first ever cafe dedicated to black cats.

Black Cat Paper Hat

Black cat paper crown

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How to Make the Black Cat Paper Hat

Print the headband on white paper.

Color the front piece and the side panels (if using the black and white version) and cut them out.

tape the side panels

Tape two side panels to the front piece.

Halloween hats for kids

Bend the headband into a circle. Wrap it around the kid’s head to check for fit. Tape the ends together.

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