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Black Cat Paper Craft

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A simple black cat paper craft for kids to make for Halloween.

If you have already started your Halloween crafting with kids, here is a cute idea that I’m sure you will like: a black cat paper craft. It is as simple as a paper craft can be especially and this one also comes with a template.

Of course you can draw your own cat and go from there. But if you are busy and have no time for drawing, the template will make the craft feel super easy.

Black cat paper craft

Kids will get a chance to practice scissors cutting and gluing all the elements together to create the little black animal.

That’s why this craft is great for kids as young as preschoolers but older kids, like first graders, will love it, too.

Black cat paper craft for kids for Halloween

Black cats have been considered to bring bad luck for hundreds of years and this makes them a classic Halloween symbol.

You can explore more Halloween ideas, here are a few simple ones:

Black cat Halloween craft

While this black cat paper craft is perfect for Halloween, you can certainly make it any time of the year.

Black Cat Paper Craft

Halloween black cat craft for kids

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How to Make a Black Cat Craft

The black cat template comes with several options:

Option 1 – print the template, cut out the patterns and trace them on appropriate colored paper

Option 2 – print the pattern directly on colored paper and cut them out.

Option 3 – black cat coloring page.

Step by Step Directions

Black cat pattern parts

Print the home template and cut out the patterns.

Black cat body

Trace the body and the tail on black construction paper. Cut them out. Glue the black cat body onto a 12″ x 12″ purple cardstock sheet.

Black cat tummy

Trace the cat tummy on pattern paper, cut it out and glue it in the middle of the body, aligning the bottom of the tummy with the bottom of the body.

Black cat tail

Glue the tail next to the body, either to the right or the left side.

Black cat eyes

Cut out the eyes and glue them on the body.

Black cat nose

Trace the nose on orange paper and glue it under the eyes.

Black cat whiskers

Use a black marker to draw the pupils.

Cut out whiskers from black or white paper and glue two or three on each side of the nose.

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