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44 Halloween Ghost Crafts

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Ready for the best non-spooky ghost crafts for Halloween? I put together a list of 44 ghost crafts for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids.

Halloween ghost crafts for preschoolers and older kids

We want our Halloween crafts to be kid-friendly so I chose the most adorable ghost crafts for kids. Big smiles, big eyes, easy crafts!

You will be surprised how many creative ways there are to make ghosts. Use a great variety of materials from just paper to paper rolls and rocks.

Halloween ghost crafts for kids

We will cut, glue and paint to create ghost crafts, decorations, luminaries and so much more!

Ghost crafts for kids

Ghost crafts with paper cup, paper , paper roll and clay
  • Paper cup ghosts – With just white paper cups and a black marker you can make some cute ghosts. Give them glowing noses and they will make fun Halloween decorations.
  • Paper ghosts – A simple ghost craft that comes with a template and writing prompts.
  • Paper roll ghosts – These ghosts hide inside a sweet Halloween treat!
  • Pumpkin Halloween keepsake – Turn your kid’s handprint into an adorable Halloween keepsake.
Ghost crafts with paper plate, paper bag, paper roll and footprint
Ghost crafts made with white beans, paper roll, paper plate and paper cup
Ghosts made with paper roll, tissue paper, paper and cotton balls
  • Ghost gift box – These paper roll ghosts are the perfect gift box for small treats.
  • Tissue paper ghost – You can wrap the tissue paper around a lollipop to make a sweet ghost.
  • Spinning ghosts – Great Halloween decoration easily made with paper.
  • Puffy ghosts – Cotton balls glued together make beautiful ghosts. Don’t you think so?
Ghosts made with paper, sponge, magnet and paper roll
Ghost footprint, milk jugs and rocks
Ghosts made with paper, egg carton
Origami ghosts and ghost decorations
Ghost crafts for kids made with paper scraps, CDs, paper plate
Ghost crafts for preschoolers made with plastic bottle, pom pom, paper plate
Ghosts for kids made with paper roll, paper cups and sun catcher
  • Ghost windsocks – Another great Halloween craft that can be used as a holiday decoration.
  • Pom pom popper ghosts – Kids will love playing with these poppers.
  • Paper ghost – Great craft to help kids develop their scissors cutting skills.
  • Ghost sun catcher – The white sparkle tissue paper is a nice addition to this sun catcher.

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