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Halloween shape crafts

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8 Halloween shape crafts that will encourage preschoolers and kindergartners to learn or review shapes around the Halloween.

Halloween shape crafts for kids: witch, Frankenstein, black cat, pumpkin, Jack-O-Lantern, bat and vampire

These crafts will help kids work on their fine motor skills while cutting and gluing the paper craft templates.

They will also help develop math skills, like:

  • shape recognition. Kids will get to work with several shapes: circle, oval, square, rectangle, hexagon, triangle, trapezoid, rhombus and star.
  • patterns. Several of these crafts are based on the same 6 shapes.
  • matching. There is a pumpkin shape matching activity where kids have to match the shape with its name
  • numbers. One of the shape Frankenstein crafts comes with a shape graph and kids need to count each shape and register the numbers

How can you help?

Here are a few ideas on how you can use these Halloween math crafts:

  • Count and sort. Kids can count all the shapes they use for a particular craft. They can also sort them by color or size. Ask them to point which shapes are bigger and which are smaller.
  • Shape naming. Name or ask kids to name all the shapes they use to create the crafts.
  • Shape drawing. Kids can draw a replica of the craft to practice making all the shapes themselves.

We love shape crafts and have created quite a few of them, for different seasons and holidays. From this shape Santa to this shape turkey craft.

I wanted to group all Halloween shape crafts in one place to make it easier to everyone to browse them.

Halloween shape crafts

Halloween shape crafts for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids

I have created a craft template for all the Halloween crafts listed below and you can find them all gathered up in a Halloween shape craft bundle.

If you click on each craft, you will be able to read the tutorial.

shape bat Halloween craft

Shape bat craft


shape witch Halloween craft

Witch shape craft


shape Frankenstein Halloween craft

Frankenstein shape craft


shape vampire Halloween craft

Shape vampire craft


shape black cat craft

Shape black cat craft


shape pumpkin

Pumpkin shape matching activity


witch shape craft

Shape witch


  • Shape witch template
  • Cardstock paper: black, green, orange, purple and brown
  • White cardstock paper for background
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Frankenstein shape craft

Shape Frankenstein math and writing


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