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Frankenstein shape craft

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If you’re looking for a fun math Halloween craft, you can try this Frankenstein shape craft. Teach preschoolers shapes and review circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, ovals and hexagons with kindergartners and older kids. The Frankenstein craft template comes with big patterns, perfect for little hands to cut out.

Frankenstein craft preschool. Easy Frankenstein shape craft to review shape for Halloween with preschoolers. Use the Frankenstein craft template

Shape crafts are a great way to combine math and arts. We have created many such craft ideas for every season and many holidays. We started the series with this shape Santa craft and have added many more ideas throughout the years.

Frankenstein shape craft 6 shapes

If you want more Halloween shape crafts, check out these shape bats or shape Jack’O’Lanterns matching activity.

Frankenstein preschool craft - Frankenstein shape craft for kids

Frankenstein is a must Halloween character to turn into a craft and we always make our Frankenstein crafts kid-friendly. They have big eyes and big smiles.

Use the Frankenstein craft template to make this Halloween Frankenstein shape craft for preschool

Frankenstein shape craft


Frankenstein Halloween shape craft for preschool and older kids

How to make a shape Frankenstein craft

The shape Frankenstein template comes with two versions:

1. home template – print the template, cut out the patterns and trace them on appropriate paper.

2. classroom template – print the pattern directly on colored paper and cut them out.

This way you can easily craft with just one or two kids as well as with a classroom full of students.

Step by step directions

Glue the eye at the top of the head. Choose between the tow types of eyes.

Frankenstein eyes

Glue the bolts together. Each bolt is made up of a gray rectangle and a gray square. You will need two bolts for each shape.

Frankenstein bolts

Glue the two bolts onto the sides of the head, one bolt on each side.

bolts glued on head

Use a black marker to draw the mouth and scars .

Frankenstein mouth

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