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Shape Bat Craft

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This shape bat craft is a great Halloween activity for kids to practice 2D shapes during the month of October. I created the craft with preschoolers and kindergartners in mind, as a simple way to help them review shapes.

Using shapes for a bat craft provides a fun and educational experience that promotes creativity, cognitive development and artistic expression.

Shape bat craft

The bat template comes with big patterns, easy for little hands to scissors cut and glue together.

I created the bat craft right on time for Halloween but it can be used any time of the year for a bat study unit and paired with bat facts.

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If you are a teacher and use the craft for Halloween, I am sure it will make a beautiful bulletin board or classroom decoration.

Shape Halloween bat craft

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The six shape crafts included are: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval and hexagon.

These bats are a great addition to our shape crafts. Why not combine math and crafting if we can do it in a fun way?

Benefits of shape crafts

Using shapes simplifies the crafting process, making it accessible to kids of various ages and skill levels. Kids can easily assemble and arrange the pieces to build their bat. This fosters a sense of accomplishment and boosts their confidence in their crafting abilities.

Working with shapes helps develop spatial awareness and geometry skills as kids learn to recognize and manipulate different shapes to create the desired craft.

It also encourages critical thinking and problem-solving as they figure out how to arrange the shapes to resemble a bat.

Creating a bat with shapes stimulates creativity and imagination.

If you’re looking for more Halloween ideas for preschoolers and kindergartners, check out our collection of Halloween crafts. We make sure that our crafts are kid-friendly and fun.

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Halloween shape bat craft

Shape Bat Craft

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Shape bats craft

How to Make a Shape Bat Craft

The shape bat template comes with two versions:

Option 1 – print the template, cut out the patterns and trace them on appropriate paper.

Option 2 – print the pattern directly on colored paper and cut them out.

Step by Step Directions

Print the template and cut out the patterns.

To make  the shape bats, you will need: 1 black bat, 2 black ears, 2 black wings, 2 eyes, 1 red mouth and 2 white fangs.

Start by  cutting out all the shapes.


Glue the ears onto the bats.


Glue the eyes onto the bats.


Add the mouth.


Glue the two fangs at the bottom of the mouth.


Glue the wings, one wing on each side of the bat.

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