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Pumpkin Shape Matching Activity

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We like working with shapes and have created a lot of shape crafts throughout the years but this is our first shape activity. We’re sharing today a pumpkin shape matching activity.

Pumpkin shape matching activity

This is a great matching game for preschoolers and kindergartners to practice at home or at school. It’s almost no prep for teachers and easy for parents to use with their kids. A simple way to support math learning in a fun way.

Halloween shape matching game

Kids will work with the following shapes: square, rectangle, oval, circle, star, hexagon, triangle and rhombus and try to match the shapes with the names written on the leaves.

Pumpkin shape matching activity

Pumpkin matching shape game


How to play

Print the template on corresponding colored paper.

Cut out all the patterns: the pumpkins, leaves and stems.

pumpkin with stem

Glue the stem at the top of the pumpkin.


Pick the correct leaf to match the shape of the pumpkin.

Sharing is caring!