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Witch Craft

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After we created our ghost craft and writing activity, I thought it would be nice to turn it into a Halloween series. Just like we did it with the paper cup Halloween character series. So today we’re sharing a witch craft and writing activity.

Witch craft

I love the Halloween colors: orange, black and purple and they go so well with green. Our witch has orange hair, a purple body and a wicked smile, with two teeth sticking out. If you’re doing the craft with preschoolers, you may want to skip the teeth, as they are rather small for little hands to cut out. Or you can cut and hand them to your child.

Witch craft for kids

This is a nice addition to our Halloween craft collection. You’ll find plenty of ideas in there as Halloween is a favorite holiday in our family.

Witch craft for preschoolers and kindergartners

If you want to add an educational aspect to the craft, I included also some writing prompts and turned our cute little ghosts into a craft and writing activity. There are four writing prompts (primary and single lined).

Witch craft and writing activity

Writing prompts included:

  • If I were a witch, I… (primary and single lined)
  • If I met a witch, I… (primary and single lined)
  • If my teacher was a witch…(primary and single lined)
  • If I had a magic broom for a day…(primary and single lined)


If I were a witch



Halloween writing activity

The witch template comes with two versions:

1. home template – cut out the patterns and trace them on corresponding colored paper.

2. classroom template – print the pattern directly on colored paper and cut them out.

Start by gluing the hat band onto the hat.


Glue the hair pieces onto the head, one piece on each side.


Glue the hat on top of the head.

hat glued to head

Glue the eyes on the head.


Glue the nose under the eyes.


Glue the two teeth.


Glue the head onto the body.


Glue the shoes at the end of the legs.


Glue the purple stripes onto the legs, two stripes on each leg.

Glue the legs at the bottom of the writing prompt.

Glue the head with body at the top of the writing prompt.

Glue the hands onto the writing prompt, one hand on each side.

Witch writing prompt

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