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Five senses apple craft

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This five senses apple craft and writing activity can be perfectly paired with an apple taste test experiment. Try it in the classroom or at home with your kids.

Five senses apple craft

Fall is a good time to explore different apple varieties. Because my husband loves Honeycrisp apples, I used to choose only this variety. And then one day my oldest had an apple tasting at school and he tried Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples. He loved them both and sked for them at home too.

So take your apple tasting a step further and write down what you see, taste, smell, see when you eat an apple and what sound does eating an apple make.

Explore with all your 5 senses and record what you discover. This will be a fun fall science experiment to include to an apple theme.

Five senses apple craft and writing activity

Because apple tasting may involve apples of different colors, Granny Smith for green, Golden Delicious for yellow and Red Delicious for red, we made three versions of our craft, one for each apple color.

red apple
yellow apple
green apple

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Five senses apple craft

apple tasting five senses template


5 senses apple template

How to make a five senses apple craft

The 5 senses apple template comes with two versions:

1. template option 1 – print directly on colored paper

2. template option 2 – trace patterns on colored paper

Step by step instructions

Start by filling out the five senses activity recording sheet.

apple skin

Glue the two apple skin pieces onto the core, one on each end.


Glue the stem onto the top skin piece.


Add the leaf onto the stem.

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