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Shape vampire craft

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This shape vampire craft is a fun Halloween craft that combines creativity with math learning. Preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids will get a chance to review shapes like circle, triangle and trapezoid.

Shape vampire craft for kids to make for Halloween

We’ve been busy creating several Halloween shape crafts lately, from these shape black cats to this shape witch craft.

Use the vampire craft template I created or make your own to include specific shapes you want your kids to focus on. You can use any shape for the head, from square to hexagon and draw the vampire’s hair with a black marker.

When kids are finished with the craft, they can count how many shapes they used or how many of each shape. You can add a shape graph, like we did for our shape Frankenstein craft.

Shape vampire craft - Halloween match craft for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids

While this shape vampire makes a great Halloween themed bulletin board craft or a hallway display, in case you’re a teacher, you can also use it as a V is for vampire idea.

Shape vampire craft - Halloween math craft for kids

Here are more Halloween craft ideas: (click on each photo to see the tutorial)

Shape vampire craft

Vampire shape craft - Halloween math craft for kids

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Vampire craft for kids - Halloween craft made with shapes

How to make shape vampires

The shape vampire craft template comes with two versions:

1. home template – Print the home template on white cardstock paper, cut out the patterns and use them as is.

2. classroom template – Print the classroom template on cardstock paper. The colors are mentioned on each page.


Glue the black body at the bottom of the cape.

body and cape

Glue the shirt in the middle of the body, making sure to align its tip with the bottom line of the body.


Add the head at the top of the body.


Glue the two triangles that form the bow tie at the bottom of the head.

bow tie

Glue the buttons or draw them with a black marker.


Add the eyes onto the head.


Draw a smile and glue two fangs along it.


Note: If the button pattern is too small for the kids to cut out, have them draw the buttons with a black marker.

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