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10 Christmas Books for Kids

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Hello, readers! I’m Katie from Youth Literature Reviews. I was so delighted when Stef asked me to contribute today’s post. And I was even more delighted when she asked me to write about my favorite holiday: Christmas!

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Today I’m sharing ten picture books that feature Christmas celebrations across the world. Each of these books will give readers an enchanting glimpse at how families in other countries celebrate the season, from La Noche Buena in Mexico to Lucia Day in Sweden. I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I have!

Christmas Around the World

This fascinating book describes how Christmas is celebrated in twelve different countries, including Italy, Australia, Guatemala, Germany, and Ethiopia. Readers will love discovering the differences – and similarities – between Christmas customs around the world. The book also includes Christmas crafts, Christmas facts, and a pronunciation guide.

Lucia Morning in Sweeden

This charming story describes how a modern-day family in Sweden prepares for Lucia Day, a traditional Christmastime celebration. The three children and their parents gleefully prepare tasty holiday treats, and when Lucia morning arrives the family sets off to share holiday cheer with their extended family and friends. The book includes an afterword with the history of St. Lucia and two Swedish holiday recipes.

A Kenya Christmas

Ten-year-old Juma has the same wish every year – to see Father Christmas. When his wealthy aunt Aida visits from Nairobi, she brings gifts and arranges for a local man to dress up as Father Christmas and surprise the whole village. When Christmas Eve arrives, Juma and Aida are in for a surprise themselves! Lush mixed media illustrations pair beautifully with this magical tale.

Tree of Cranes

A young Japanese boy celebrates his first Christmas with his mother, who shares stories of her childhood Christmases in America. This serene and poignant story gives a lovely glimpse at the similarities and differences between Eastern and Western cultures.

‘Twas Nochebuena

This delightful rhyming story follows a modern-day Mexican family as they celebrate Nochebuena – Christmas Eve. The lyrical text effortlessly blends English and Spanish words and the lively full-page illustrations make this book one that kids will ask for again and again (and parents will happily oblige!).

Nonna Tell Me a Story: Lidia’s Christmas Kitchen

Italian chef Lidia Bastianich gathers her five grandchildren to tell them a story of the Christmases she spent in Italy as a child. This book is a lovely depiction of a traditional Italian Christmas, and the illustrations are warm and appealing.

The Bear Family’s World Tour Christmas

When a family of bears can’t decide where to spend Christmas, they go on a holiday world tour of all of their favorite places including Peru, Australia, China, and Sri Lanka. Detailed full-page illustrations depict the Christmas festivities of each international local, each featuring the native bears of that region.

The Miracle of the First Poinsettia

This lavishly illustrated book is a poignant retelling of the Mexican legend of the first poinsettia. Juanita has no gift to present to the baby Jesus at Christmas Eve mass. Not wanting to enter the church empty handed, Juanita grabs an armful of green weeds. As she approaches the altar, the weeds miraculously bloom into beautiful red poinsettias.

Carl the Christmas Carp

It’s December in Prague and young Radim and his father buy a carp at the market for Christmas dinner. When Radim starts to become attached to the carp and feels guilty about eating him, he hatches a plan to let the fish escape. Stunning painted illustrations perfectly compliment this unique Christmas story.

Christmas Around the World Coloring Book

This stupendous coloring book features full-page vignettes of Christmas celebrations in 30 different countries including Russia, Great Britain, France, China, and Australia. Brief text on each page describes some of the traditions and customs of each country. Kids and adults will love coloring in these detailed and festive illustrations.


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Suzanne Renae

Friday 4th of December 2015

Teaching kids about other cultures is so important. Using these books is such a great way to do that. Thanks for sharing your list!


Friday 4th of December 2015

What a fantastic collection of Christmas books! Only last year I discovered the lovely Mexican fable of the Poinsetta in the Tomie de Paola book, The Legend of the Poinsetta. Wonderful story. Thanks so much for your post. I'll definitely be sharing it.

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