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DIY Superhero House – Dollhouse for Boys

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I love handmade gifts. Each year I come up with gift ideas for our boys and then try to convince my husband to take them on. DIY projects started growing on him only in the last few years and sometimes I still have a hard time persuading him to undertake such a project.

On the other hand I feel like Christmas and birthdays are not enough celebrations for all the ideas I have in mind. I enjoy sharing a DIY with my hubby, though we always finish it in the last very moment.

The expressions on the kids’ faces when they get those presents are precious. It makes us feel happy and proud, even if sometimes we have to give credit to Santa and his elves. This was the case with the DIY superhero house we made last Christmas.

DIY superhero house or dollhouse for boys. Great Christmas gifts or birthday gift for kids. | at Non-Toy Gifts

DIY Superhero house

Someone asked me what exactly was a superhero house. Honestly it’s just a dollhouse for boys.

It is built following the same rules, decorated with cute little furniture and accessories. The only difference is that it is superheroes who live in the house and not dolls.

If your kid is into dinosaurs you can make it to be a dinosaur house or any other type of house you may think of. Paw Patrol house, Ninja house…The possibilities are endless.

DIY superhero house Wonder Woman Superman
DIY superhero house Superman
DIY superhero house Wonder Woman

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The idea of a DIY superhero house came to me after seeing this adorable dollhouse. I liked it so much that I sent the link to my husband and he used the tutorial to create our house. The only difference  is that he split the main level in two, separating the kitchen from the dining area with a wall.

While my husband was building the house I created the superheroes. I got a bag of wooden peg dolls and painted them myself. Had I known how much work this meant, I might have bought the superheroes from Etsy.

I love painting but you really need good tools to work on those details. Like pointy paint brushes. I didn’t have any and worked my way around with regular paint brushes.

Once I was done with the superheroes, I went on to decorating the house. I got kitchen and dining room furniture as well as family room furniture. My hubby made the two beds and I sew two little pillows and blankets.

I also made art wall decor to go above each of the two beds. As one of my boys is into Batman and the other into Spider-Man, one bed was ready for Batman and the other one for his friend.

DIY superhero house Batman Spider-Man
DIY superhero house Captain America

Each kid has one set of superheroes, to avoid any fights over whose playing with what superhero but I only made one Batman and one Spider-Man. I also made sure to write the boys’ initial on the bottom of each superhero.

This was the first time we made a handmade gift to share. Although each of them also got an extra gift, we were kinda nervous to see how the sharing would go. Happy to say it’s been going on well all these months since last Christmas and they’re still playing with their superhero house.

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Saturday 14th of July 2018

This is so cute. Did you make the furniture too?

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