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Audrey Grace & Co. – Design Clothes (For Minnesotan Kids)

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Nadine Ryther is a very talented Minnesotan mom who took her passion for sewing beyond a hobby and turned it into a business. You may have already admired her clothes collection at Teeny Bee Boutique in St. Paul. She also has an Etsy shop and takes custom orders.

Q: How did you discover your passion for sewing?

A: I discovered my passion for sewing while watching my Mom sew for my siblings and me. My Mom was born and raised in New York so she always put an east coast spin on her designs. I loved knowing that no one would be wearing the same things as me.  She would make a complete summer vacation wardrobe, back to school clothes for my sister and me, and costumes for my brother’s plays. To this day, fabric shops hold a special place in my heart because of the hours spent there with my mom and sister.  Now I share that experience with my own daughters! 

Q: What inspired you to launch Audrey Grace & Co.?

A: Audrey Grace & Co. is inspired by my daughters, Audrey Faith and Meredith Grace. I actually never had an interest in sewing for children until Audrey was born. When I shopped for her, it was so hard to find anything that fit her personality. Audrey wanted to play ninja and wear a princess dress at the same time.  I was constantly reinforcing seams because of all the activity. 
When I started sewing for her, people asked where I bought her clothes. That planted a little seed in my head.  Then I had Meredith and knew it wasn’t the right time to start a business. Our girls are a bit older now, and my husband Scott really encouraged me to get serious about it again.


Q: Do your daughters help you in the design process? That is choosing colors or fabrics?

My daughter Audrey likes anything related to art.  She draws and paints. I definitely get her opinion on the designs that I’m thinking of making. She tells me if she thinks things are pretty or cool. Audrey and Meredith both enjoy shopping for fabrics and trims. Meredith tries on all the designs when I’m making samples.  She lets me know if things are comfortable.

Q: Where can people find and buy your clothes?

A: Audrey Grace & Co. is available for purchase on my Facebook page .  Custom orders can be placed by messaging me there.  Select styles from my Spring collection are available at Teeny Bee Boutique in St. Paul, MN.  I am also on Instagram at   and on Esty .
Q: How does your typical day look like?
A: On weekdays I’m usually up by 6:30.  I make coffee for myself, and breakfast for my husband and daughters.  I pack Audrey’s lunch and make sure she remembers her homework.  
Meredith is my three year old, and she is with me all day.  I usually do some computer work and run errands in the morning.  Meredith and I have lunch together and sometimes my husband is able to join us.  After that is playtime.  We outside if it’s not too cold.  I get the most sewing done during Meredith’s nap.  She’ll sleep until Audrey gets home from school.  Then we tackle homework, eat dinner, and enjoy family time.  Scott and I hang out after the girls go to bed.  I can get more work in between 12-2am. Especially when I’m producing collection, there can be weeks of very late nights.  I’m so thankful for the support of my mom, in-laws, and friends.

Sharing is caring!

Saira Perl

Friday 13th of March 2015

Aw - clothes & mini-model are both so cute! Thanks for sharing this story of this hardworking mama on this week's blog party! I looked for you on twitter, but don't see you there…?

Non Toy Gifts

Friday 13th of March 2015

Saira, I love the clothes designed by her! I'm not on twitter, but you can find me on facebook,google+ and pinterest.

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