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23 Four Season Arts and Crafts for Kids

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The trees are still green but they will soon turn into beautiful colors. With autumn just around the corner, I looked for some of the best four seasons arts and crafts for kids. All of them are four seasons trees as the trees reflect the most the seasonal changes.

In my opinion spring and fall are the perfect seasons for making four seasons arts and crafts.

While we only have evergreen trees in our yard, many of our neighbors have some gorgeous trees that we like to observe and admire throughout the year.

Four seasons arts and crafts for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids. Four seasons trees #tree

These four seasons arts and crafts are a great opportunity for kids to learn about spring, summer, fall and winter.

They can talk about what makes every season unique, write down lists of specific seasonal activities or things they love about each season.

I have always lived in 4 season states or countries but not everybody gets to experience all the seasons.

Some kids may not know what snow looks and feels like, for instance.

With any of the arts and crafts listed below they can explore and learn about the seasons they aren’t familiar with.

Four seasons arts and crafts for kids

While kindergartners and older kids will have no problem pulling off the crafts, preschoolers will need some grown-up help.

You will discover so many variations of the four seasons tree craft and all so beautiful and unique.

Some use rocks or cotton balls, other paper plates or printables.

Which one to choose?

This is a tough question.

It depends on the age of the little crafters and the materials you feel comfortable using or have at hand.

23 Four seasons arts and crafts for kids

Tissue paper four seasons tree | Kiwi Co.

Four seasons tree with printable | Easy Peasy And Fun

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Leaf and stick four seasons tree craft | Red Ted Art

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Four season paper roll tree craft for kids to make: spring, summer, fall and winter

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Broccoli painted four season tree | Non-Toy Gifts

Paper four season tree | Krokotak

Paper bag and tissue paper 4 season tree | Fairy Dust Teaching

Four season seed tree | A Little Pinch Of Perfect

4 season trees

Tissue paper four season tree | Amanda Markel

Q-tip painted four season tree | Crafts on Sea

Tin foil embossed trees for all seasons | The Pinterested Parent

Felt handprint trees | Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

Four seasons agamograph | Easy Peasy And Fun

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Four season tree cup light play | Play Trains

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