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FREE indoor activities for kids in St. Paul: Mosaic on a stick

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When we go to a playground I know that my kids will have lots of fun, but my only “thrill” is to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re safe.  Considering that they usually run and play in different directions keeping me very busy, I sometimes have almost no chance of chit-chatting with other moms.


Last month I discovered a great alternative to a playground, a place where both kids and moms can share a wonderful time. The place, called Mosaic on a Stick and located in St. Paul is now on my to-go list of places for my family.


Lori Greene, who created Mosaic on a Stick is a local mosaic artist and sculptor. She’s a warm, sweet and funny woman and the art studio is a true reflection of her character. The moment I stepped inside the studio I felt like being transported in space to a warm and sunny place -all these despite the snow outside. The walls are painted in cheerful colors and decorated with amazing mosaic pieces, create by Lori and other local artists.


Have you ever taken your kids to the In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater ?  If so, you must have noticed this mosaic:

It’s one of Lori’s artworks. But there are so many others that bear her signature and can be admired around the Twin Cities. Visit her website to take a glimpse at her complete portfolio.
You’ll ask me what can you and your kid do at this mosaic studio?

1.Unleash the creativity! Kids can make a mosaic on a stick for free. They can glue little pieces of tile on a shape of their choice. My son wasn’t drawn into creating a mosaic despite all my efforts: I started gluing some pieces hoping that he’ll be inspired  to finish it but he didn’t. So we took home a half finished mosaic on a stick, which didn’t prevent him from taking pride in showing it to his dad and claiming the nice job he had done.

2. Wander around the place and take in the mosaic art. It’s a 2 story building with a studio and shop on the main floor and a big work space downstairs. My son particularly enjoyed going up and down the stairs until he discovered some colorful glass pieces which were for sale. I got him a small bag of about 15 pieces and he still plays with them.

3. When your child feels like taking a break from the mosaic work, you can take her outside (on the non-snow days). The studio is nicely placed near a park with a playground. (btw, the studio has its own parking lot).


Mosaic on a Stick is a hidden gem you and your child will enjoy discovering! Go check it out and I’m certain it will become one of the regular places for your family !

Sharing is caring!