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Giant Coloring Map of America

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A giant coloring map of America can be a fun and educational project for kids to undertake on their own or share with friends at a party. It can be used in the classroom as a great way to encourage collaboration or be a hands on homeschool geography activity.

Giant coloring map of America.

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The inspiration for giant coloring posters came to Mira, a mom of a little boy, when her son started expressing his interest in drawing on the walls of their apartment in NY. What usually parents do when faced with this type of creativity is to redirect their kids towards the table where a coloring book is waiting for them. But Mira did what her parents used to do when she was growing up: tape a large sheet of paper to the wall. Because her son loved rocket ships, she drew him a space scene to color. This is how Pirasta was born.

Pirasta’s giant coloring map of America (63″ x 36″) is not only a fantastic resource for kids to learn about the 50 states: name, position and neighbors but also get familiar with historical landmarks, monuments of nature and specific foods – all illustrated in a fun, childish way. Take a tour of America from Minnesota where crocodiles enjoy a ride in the Ferris wheel at the State Fair to Hawaii where you hang out with a ukulele playing pineapple.

The map is also available in sets of 20 coloring sheets that you can take along in the car to keep kids entertained for road trips or long rides. Pirasta offers other three products, including a map of New York City.

UPDATE: Since writing about Pirasta’s coloring map, I came across other two giant coloring maps of America. Read about them here.

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