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Gifts for kids: DIY bean bags

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When my oldest turned 3 and my hubby and I put together a reading nook for his birthday we were concerned that his little brother would  also want to explore the new place and wouldn’t give Victor some privacy. Victor’s birthday is in October when we start spending more time in the basement, where the reading nook is so it would have been impossible to keep the two apart and prevent them from jumping on top of each other under the staircase. My husband came up with the idea of making something for Eric as well and I knew right away what: bean bags. They were on my to-do list anyway.

Bean bags are easy to create, it involves sewing 2 panels together, adding a zipper and filling them up. That’s it! I followed this tutorial with the only one change: I used 2 and a half bags of filling instead of just 2.

They are great for jumping on them, sitting and reading or just relaxing. Whenever I’m in the basement with the kids I don’t sit on the couch anymore, I prefer the bean bags. So comfy!

Sharing is caring!