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Gifts We Never Write Thank You Notes For

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I am who I am today because of many gifts I received throughout my life. They left their mark on my development and shaped me into a creative, nature loving person, classical music listener, big traveler, happy wife and mom of two little boys.These gifts didn’t come wrapped in fancy paper and tied up with big, beautiful bows, they were not left under the Christmas tree or handed to me on my birthday morning. Life gave them to me through dear family members or people I met by chance. Some I didn’t recognize right away or wasn’t able to appreciate their long term influence but when looking back I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and all I can say is “Thank you”.

Gifts we never write thank you notes for

Thank you mom! Your passion for traveling is contagious and both dad and I got the bug thanks to you. I grabbed the first opportunity I got to work abroad and this enriched my life in so many ways and made it easier for me to discover some amazing European countries.

I watched you sew so many times  and though I’ve never been interested in trying it when I was still living at home with you, later in life I got a sewing machine and sewing felt so natural that it turned into a relaxing hobby.

Thank you dad! You’re the most creative person in my life who’s found so many ways of expressing his artistic views: sculpture, painting and tapestry. I owe my artsy-crafty interest to you.

You used to wake me up with classical music on Sunday mornings and though I hated it back then, as that was the signal I had to get out of my bed, I learned to love it in time. It’s my turn now to pass down this love for classical music to my own kids and hopefully I’ll do a job as good as yours.

Thank you grandma for letting me help you in the kitchen! I didn’t turn out to be such an amazing cook like you, but I do spend a lot of my time in the kitchen, the same way you did. I always think of you on Christmas eve when I bake our  traditional Romanian sweet bread. It smells and tastes like yours and I know you’d be proud of me.

Thank you Dan for your love and for being the father of my kids! We started a long distance relationship and neither of us would have gone through with it unless we’d have felt we were perfect for each other.  You complete me and teach me how to be a better person.

Sometimes a total stranger can change your destiny but usually it’s your close family that will impact your life the most: the big and little, intentional and unintentional things they do on a daily basis.

These are some of my thank you notes for gifts I received from the people who had the most influence on my life, which are yours?

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Thursday 2nd of July 2015

Love your article, Stefi! Totally agree with you! Your blog is also amazing and although I do not have my own kids, I love and appreciate your ideas for the non toy gifts! Fantastic work! Lots of hugs and greetings from Bucharest! :***


Thursday 2nd of July 2015

Hey Ana, So glad to hear from you! Never thought of us chit chatting in English :) It's always a pleasure to hear from you! Kisses and hugs, sweetie!


Wednesday 1st of July 2015

Well said !!!!!

My Bored Toddler

Wednesday 1st of July 2015

What a lovely post - so true!

Jenny @ Unremarkable Files

Monday 29th of June 2015

We write a lot of thank-you notes for things, but not to people. Maybe a thank-you email or text, but that doesn't count as much. Thanks for the reminder. I try to be a thank you note person since I know it happens so rarely it can be a big deal to get one, just because.


Sunday 28th of June 2015

Love this! Such a great reminder & a lovely tribute to the important people in your life. Thank you for sharing at the Mom Blog Party!

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