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15 DIY Bird Feeders From Recyclables

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A list of 15 amazing DIY bird feeders made from recyclables. Inexpensive upcycled bird feeder projects for your backyard, using recycled materials.

15 amazing DIY bird feeders from recyclables. Cheap bird feeders to make with kids this spring or summer. A fun and easy nature craft for preschool or older kids. | at Non-Toy Gifts

If making a bird feeder is on your to-do list for this spring or summer, here is a handful of ideas on how to turn recyclables into amazing and unique DIY bird feeders.

Some ask for common recyclable items, that you may have already seen used as bird feeders, like milk cartons or wine bottles, and others will amaze you with their creativity in repurposing some of the most unusual junk.

Many of these bird feeders come with a tutorial so make sure to click on the links for the instructions.

Be prepared to be blown away!

I mean, really, have you ever thought of using an old chandelier as a bird feeder? I sure haven’t!

But what a sophisticated bird feeder it makes!

15 bird feeders from recyclables

Many of these DIY recycled bird feeders are easy to make with kids as an afternoon project.

Others, have more complex step by step instructions to be followed only by adults.

Either way these repurposed bird feeder ideas will inspire you and motivate to make your own handmade bird feeder for your yard.

All there’s left to do is to hit a thrift store or a garage sale to find an old item to turn into a fabulous upcycled bird feeder!

DIY Recycled Bird Feeders

plastic bottle bird feeder

Plastic bottle bird feeder – If you have at hand an empty plastic bottle, juice container, or soda bottle, you can upcycle it into a bird feeder in 10 minutes.

milk carton bird feeder

Milk carton bird feeder – Turning a milk carton into a bird feeder only requires painting and cutting some holes. I like how this particular bird feeder even has name: Chirps Restaurant.

vintage teacup bird feeder

Vintage teacup bird feeder – Find some vintage teacups at a garage sale or a thrift store and learn how to turn them into handmade bird feeders that make great gifts for teachers or can be great DIY wedding favors for an outdoor wedding.

tin can bird feeder

Tin can bird feeder – Tin cans can make beautiful bird feeders. All you have to do is spray a bit of color and decorate them with foam flowers and beads. Don’t these flower bird feeders look absolutely amazing?

flowerpot bird feeder

Flowerpot bird feeder – If you love gardening, chances are you have at least a few old flowerpots hanging around. It’s time to upcycle them into a bird feeder.

chick feeder into bird feeder

Chick feeders into bird feeders – If you have chickens that have outgrown their feeders, you can repurpose them into bird feeders. If you don’t grow chickens, you can buy a feeders from a farm store for just a few dollars. Glue an old lid on top and you got yourself a beautiful upcycled bird feeder.

seed covered cardboard bird feeder

Seed covered cardboard bird feeder – A cardboard box can be easily turned into a fun bird feeder. Cut out the sides of a small house, glue them together and add peanut butter as a glue for the bird seeds.

chandelier bird feeder

Chandelier bird feeder – Bird will eat in style and your backyard will look sophisticated – win-win!

win bottle bird feeder

Glass bottle bird feeder – Learn how to recycle a wine bottle into a fancy bird feeder.

Bundt pan bird feeder

Bundt pan bird feeder – This inexpensive upcycled bird feeder is a fun addition to your yard and you have to check out the unique and easy way to hang it … no drilling required!

mason jar bird feeder

Mason jar bird feeder – Recycle a mason jar into a stylish bird feeder that is easy to make and will look gorgeous hanging around your yard.

These last four bird feeders are all created by the same person. It is absolutely incredible how he manages to repurpose a silver-plate server, vintage heater, muffin pan or a couple of found objects into one of a kind bird feeders.

A creative idea and a trip to the local thrift store is all you need. What else do you think could be easily upcycled into a bird feeder?

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