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40 Kids Games Based on Popular Books and Movies

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Considering that Americans spend annually $3.1 billion on children’s books and $10 billion on movies how clever to create kids games based on popular books and movies! This 40 list is just part of what the kids game industry has produced as there are so many other Disney movies like Cars, Planes, Toy Story, Frozen, Finding Nemo or PBS movies: Jake and the Never Land Pirates which inspired several other kids games.

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Five Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed Game. Age: 3 and up
This simple game introduces children to counting and strategy. Its goal is to place your monkeys on the bed after acting out bedtime activities (brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, etc) to win the game. And here is where the fun begins as the monkey can fall off the bed  at any time. My 3 year old loves it and though at the beginning all he wanted to do was make the monkeys jump on the bed, he plays now by the rules and enjoys the game a lot.

Press Here. Age: 3 and up
This award-winning game delivers hours of entertainment for the whole family. It actually has two levels of play to choose from, so that it’s easy enough for a toddler to grasp, but also complex enough to challenge older siblings and adults. Players take turns completing color sequences by placing red, blue, and yellow playing pieces on one of twenty-five fabulously designed game boards.

I Can Do That! Age: 4-8
I Can Do That! Game gets your kids up and moving in with imaginative, fun-filled and funny activities. As well as providing energizing fun, this innovative game will help foster a sense of confidence in your children. It includes nine game pieces right out of the Cat in the Hat story by Dr. Seuss: the Cake, Ball, Book, Fish, Gown, Fan, Rake, Toy Man, and Boat. Award-winning game.

Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish. Age: 3-8

The players have to find objects or color fish by flipping over cards and spin a wave to find the most treasures to win the game. Apart from encouraging deductive reasoning, this game also promotes matching and memory skills, while enhancing exploration and discovery.

Dr. Seuss Super Stretchy ABCs. Age: 3 and up
Get wild, twisty, turny, and super-stretchy in this imaginative, active game! Thing One and Thing Two are whirling up a tornado of fun! Stretch to the letters on the giant floor mat! How many toys can you get back in your box? There are hundreds of body-twisting, letter-matching challenges, and every game is super-stretchy fun!

Green Eggs and Ham Speedy Diner. Age:3-6
In this fast-action game inspired by the classic Dr. Seuss story, preschoolers dash about to help Sam-I-Am serve up a host of silly foods like purple pickles,pink pancakes, and blue bananas. Colors, counting, shapes, matching, and more come in to play in this get-up-and-go game that’s tons of fun.

Dr. Seuss Matching Game. Age: 3 and up
A fun game of picture matching with classic Dr. Seuss characters! It’s the classic game of picture matching, now celebrating the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss! Flip over two tiles and discover cherished characters like The Cat in the Hat, The Grinch, Yertle the Turtle, The Sneetches, and many more.

The Very Busy Spider Game. Age: 3-8
A game of web-building fun and learning players work together to create a spider web in this cooperative and fun game. Spin the spinner to move around the board. Each time a player lands on a colored space they draw a line to create a spider web. Once the spider web is finished, all players place their fly tokens onto the web.

Brown Bear – Panda Bear What Do You See? Game. Age: 3-8
This exciting game introduces children to the magic of story creation, while helping memory and sequencing skills. After players find all the animal cards needed for their sequence, they recite the popular Eric Carle stories they created!

Thomas Making Tracks Game. Age: 4-15
Help Thomas and his friends lay tracks from their sidings to the main line so they can race over the bridge and into the roundhouse…to win!

Thomas & Friends Make-A-Match Game. Age: 2-4
Kids will love matching up their favorite Thomas & Friends characters. Begin by spreading the cards out face-down. Turn one card over so all can see. Then flip over a second card to reveal another picture. If they match, remove the cards and take another turn. If they don’t match, turn the cards back over and the next player takes a turn.

A Day Out With Thomas Game. Age: 3-15
All aboard with Thomas for a train ride full of surprises! Travel the rails and enjoy visits to the zoo, the ice cream parlor and many more places.

Thomas & Friends Memory Match and Card Game. Age: 3-15
Thomas and Friends Memory Match will keep your child entertained for hours. It contains 72 memory match cards.

Thomas & Friends Pop Up Game. Age: 4-15
Push the bubble to roll the dice and race for the station. Be the first to get your pieces into the station. The game teaches kids to count, play fair, and have fun with others.

Hello Kitty Dress-Up Game. Age: 3-6
What should Hello Kitty wear today? Children enjoy using the Stick-Ons to dress the 3D stand-up Hello Kitty figures in this fun game. The first player to dress Hello Kitty in her stylish outfit wins.

Hello Kitty Big Roll Bingo Game. Age: 4 and up
Oversized dice reveal the letter and a picture. If you can find a match on your card, place a token there. Be the first player to cover 5 squares in a row to win.

Hello Kitty Picnic in the Park Game. Age: 3-15
Hello kitty and her friends are looking for the perfect place to have a picnic. Take a card to find out what color space to move to next. Getting a hello kitty or a friend card can move you ahead, but a puddle card will always send you back.

Hello Kitty Memory Match Game. Age: 3 and up
Test your memory with this adorable Hello Kitty matching game. This game is for 2-4 players to match as many cars as possible. Sure to be a blast for young children.

Hello Kitty Pop Up Board Game. Age: 4-15
The game is simple and a blast to play. To win, simply move your pieces all the way around the board and back into their home. Play over and over again! This game is perfect for families with young children. It’ll teach your kid to count, play fair, and have fun with others.

Super Why ABC Letter Game. Age: 3-8
Players practice key reading skills by taking on the powers of the SUPER WHY team: Alpha Pig… with Alphabet Power, Wonder Red… with Word Power, Princess Presto… with Spelling Power, and Super Why… with the Power to Read! The board and skill-based character cards help children build reading skills by identifying letter, rhyming, correcting silly sentences and learning how to read basic words.

Goodnight Moon Game. Age: 3-6
The Goodnight Moon Game is a collection of six matching and memory skill-building activities of gradually increasing difficulty featuring charming illustrations from the children’s book classic. Award-winning game.

Goodnight Moon 123 Counting Game. Age: 3-6
Goodnight Moon 123 counting and matching games offer 7 versions of play for children at different levels of skill and experience. The perfect game to play with your child at bedtime. Introduces a cozy and educational nightly routine.

Maisy’s Memory Game. Price: Age: 6 and up
The game consists of 24 pairs of heavy cardboard cards which show Maisy and her friends and common items such as a book, a tree, a ball, and an umbrella, all rendered in the bright, primitive style of artist Lucy Cousins. The game rules describe a traditional matching game.

Maisy Game. Age: 3-15
A Fun Matching Game for All! Spin to collect colored shapes and a Maisy figure that match your board. Collect all 7 to win the game!<

Pete the Cat Matching Game. Age: 3 and up
Pair up with Pete to boost memory skills and visual perception!

Princess Sofia Surprise Slides Board Game. Age: 3-15
Join Sofia and her friends on a magical race where new slides can appear at any time. Turn over the big slide tiles and reveal new slides—sometimes they move you forward, sometimes back—it’s always a fun surprise. A different game every time you play!

Sofia the First Matching Game. Age: 3 and up
Sofia, Clover the Rabbit, the Good Fairies come together in this classic game of picture matching and memory.

>Spot it! Sofia the First – Alphabet. Age: 3-6<
Little ones learn their ABC’s with Princess Sofia at the Royal Prep Academy! Every card has a colorful assortment of letters, objects and the beloved characters of Enchancia. Between any two cards, there is always one match. Spot it first to win!

Spot it! Doc McStuffins – Numbers & Shapes. Age: 3-6
The Doc is in and it’s time to learn! This fast-paced card game is a fun and rewarding way for kids to practice the basics. Every card has a colorful assortment of numbers and simple shapes, along with Doc McStuffins and her favorite things.

Doc McStuffins Matching Game. Age: 3 and up
This classic game of picture matching features Doc McStuffins, Lambie, Hallie, and more. Flip over tiles, find matches, and collect the most pairs to win!

Disney Doc McStuffins Operation Game. Age: 4-15
You be Doc McStuffins, and help fix Lambie, Chilly, and Hallie’s boo-boos by carefully removing them with tweezers. If you touch the sides of the boo-boo pocket with the tweezers, a red light will go on, and you’ll get the buzzer. If you are able to remove the boo-boo without getting the buzzer, you get to keep the boo-boo and place a boo-boo bandage over the spot. The player who fixes the most boo-boos wins.

Dora the Explorer Carnival Fiesta Game. Age: 4-7
Join Dora, Boots and friends for their party at the carnival. A cooperative effort to collect tickets by playing carnival style activities like ring toss, feeding apples to barn animals, knocking over milk bottles and other fun games.

Curious George Hide and Seek Zoo Game. . Age: 4-8
Your favorite monkey is in charge of the zoo and everything is going wild! Grab your walkie talkie and get ready: the man with the yellow hat will be calling in to send you on exciting missions all over the zoo. Feed and care for zoo animals, repair fences, and clean up messes. But watch out-when you hear the animals have escaped it’s time to spring into action!

Curious George – Discovery Beach Game. Age: 3-8
Search the seashore for hidden treasures! Hit the beach with your favorite monkey for a seashore scavenger hunt adventure! Flip a card to reveal your challenge. Then search for sea creatures and colorful treasures hidden below five secret beach locations. Can you find a match? But watch out for waves!

Curious George Matching Game. Age: 3-15
It’s the classic game of matching and memory. Flip over two tiles to find colorful pictures of Curious George and his friends. Did you find a match? If so, keep them in your scoring pile and take another turn. If not, turn them back over-but try to remember what pictures they had for later in the game.

Olivia Matching Game. Age: 3 and up
Mix and match with Olivia! Fans of all ages will enjoy this classic matching game, featuring 72 cards of Olivia surfing, painting, dancing, and more! While providing hours of fun for the whole family, this game also helps players develop memory, concentration, and matching skills.

Madeline at the White House Game. Age: 4 and up
Join Madeline and her friends while they discover D.C. in this fun and educational game.

Madeline In Paris Game. Age: 4-8
Join Madeline in race through Paris as she hunts for Genevieve’s lost pups. Perfect first board game for young Madeline fans. Cooperative and competitive ways to play.

Madeline Card Game. Age: 3 and up
Madeline Card Game is a set of three famous games. Surprise kids with Go fish, Snap and Memory games in this all-in-one pack. Using the distinctive Madeline cards for each game helps increase the excitement and anticipation of the player.

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Thursday 28th of May 2015

Some great games! Thanks for sharing on #toddlerfunfriday


Thursday 21st of May 2015

What a great post! My daughter does a weekly family game night with her family and I am frequently invited. The children are two and five. I have already found several new games that are perfect for this and both children have birthdays coming up. Thank you for the post.


Tuesday 19th of May 2015

I just spent the last three years teaching kindergarten and fell in love with children's literature. Thank you for compiling a list of games based off story characters. It is so nice to have several different versions of certain games like memory because it keeps things exciting.


Saturday 16th of May 2015

We have that I Can Do game! We love it and play all the time. Visiting from Craft Moms link party.

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