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18 Batman Gifts For Kids

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If you’re looking for Batman gifts for kids, you’re in the right place. My list is based on gift ideas I would buy for own kids. While Batman toys and games are easy to find in any toy store, my purpose was to put together a list of Batman non-toy gifts that would still get any superhero fan excited.

One name I hear every single day, more times a day I would normally allow myself to listen to any given subject (but in this case I have no choice) is BATMAN. My youngest son is his biggest fan. He dreams (and talks) about dressing up, fighting and doing all sorts of things like Batman. Of course all he wants from Santa is a Batman gift. (Yes, it is only July but my kids already look forward to Santa and his presents). With his birthday behind him, Christmas is the next opportunity for a Batman gift. But how many Batman toys can a kid own?

If you are like me and don’t bear seeing another Batman toy entering your home but you still want to get your little one a gift with his favorite superhero, this is a list of Batman gifts that are all toy alternatives. You’ll find t-shirts, umbrellas, rain coats, shoes and many other options you may not have thought about before but no toys. That’s a promise.

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Batman gifts for kids that any superhero fans would love to receive for their birthday or Christmas. Games, practical gifts and more. | at Non-Toy Gifts

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Batman Gifts for Kids

  1. Batman shirt. This is the t-shirt we got for our little one as part of his birthday gift. He absolutely loves it and would wear it every day. I have a hard time convincing him to choose other tees when his favorite t-shirt needs to go into the washing machine.
  2. Batman hooded towel. Kids will love bath time even more when they know that as soon as they get out of the tub they’ll get a big, soft hug from their favorite superhero.
  3. Batman rain coat. No rain is too heavy for Batman!
  4. Batman rain boots. These rubber boots look so cool that kids will want to wear them rain or shine.
  5. Batman umbrella. This is one adorable umbrella. Frankly, I would like one for myself if it came in adult sizes.
  6. Batman camp chair. If your family is into camping, you may want to take a look at this chair. It can also be used for picnic or any other outdoor adventures.
  7. Batman hat. My youngest obsession with Batman started with a hat. It was a simple black winter hat with the Batman logo on it, nothing as cool as this action hat.
  8. Batman shoes. Kids will love the design of these shoes while moms will love the quality.
  9. Batman crocs.  Be prepare for warm days action with a comfy pair of crocs.
  10. Batman socks. These are not your usual socks. They come with a cape.
  11. Batman headphone. These are kid-safe headphones with built-in volume limiter to protect children’s hearing.
  12. Batman backpack. Looking for an unique backpack to avoid mixup in the classroom? This is the one!
  13. Batman lunchbox. Where there is a Batman backpack, there’s got to be a Batman lunchbox, too.
  14. Batman watch. I love this time-teaching watch featuring Batman dial with easy-to-read numerals and labeled hands.
  15. Batman alarm clock. When Batman is the one to wake you up, your day will certainly be fantastic and full of adventures.
  16. Batman toothbrush. A toothbrush may not sound like a great gift idea, but wait until you see this one. It comes with a one minute flashing light timer that isn’t only a cool feature but it also teaches kids how long to brush their teeth.
  17. Batman shorts. This gift is exclusively for babies or toddlers.
  18. Batman silverware. You can personalize the Batman fork, spoon or knife with the child’s name.

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