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50 Bunny Crafts for Kids

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It’s that time of the year when bunnies start hoping everywhere. My boys love to watch them in our backyard. They’re fuzzy and adorable and they get little ones excited over spring and Easter. Today I put together a collection of bunny crafts for kids that are great for the classroom or to make at home.

Bunny crafts for kids: handprints, footptints, paper plate crafts, egg carton, envelopes, garlands and more

It’s amazing how many creative ways there are to make bunnies, from handprints and footprints to masks, hats and decorations. You can use paper, pine cones, pipe cleaners, recycle paper plates, paper rolls, newspaper, cardboard and so much more.

These are inexpensive crafts, which is always a plus, and easy to make for kids of all ages, from toddlers and preschoolers to elementary kids.

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50 Bunny crafts for kids

Bunny crafts 1

Bunny crafts 2
Bunny crafts 3
Bunny crafts 4
Bunny crafts 5
Bunny crafts 6
Bunny crafts 7
Bunny crafts 8
Bunny crafts 9
Bunny crafts 10
Bunny crafts 11
Bunny crafts 12
Bunny crafts 13

I hope you liked all these adorable bunny crafts 🙂

Bunny crafts for kids 1

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