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Canada Day Spinner Craft

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Our “Canada Day Spinner” craft is a fun educational activity that allows children to celebrate Canada’s rich heritage while working on their artistic skills. This simple craft is ideal for daycare centers and preschools, providing young learners with a fun and interactive way to learn about Canadian symbols.

Canada Day spinner craft for kids

When completing the “Canada Day Spinner” craft, children will have the opportunity to color iconic Canadian symbols, including the beaver, maple syrup bottle, crossed hockey sticks, and a moose. By immersing themselves in these national emblems, children can develop a deeper appreciation for Canada’s cultural identity!

Canada Day spinner craft for preschoolers and older kids

Once the coloring is complete, the excitement continues as children spin the wheel, proudly displaying their colored Canadian symbols to parents, friends, or classmates. This interactive feature adds an element of joy and accomplishment, fostering a sense of pride in their creations.

The simplicity of this craft makes it a perfect addition to daycare and preschool settings. Teachers can seamlessly incorporate the “Canada Day Spinner Craft” into their curriculum, providing children with a hands-on experience that celebrates Canadian culture while they learn more about the holiday.

Canada Day spinner craft to celebrate Canada National Day with kids

The “Canada Day Spinner Craft” invites children to explore fun Canadian-themed symbols while enjoying an interactive and educational experience. This activity is perfect for classroom or home settings, and can be used for younger children or incorporated with more complex activities for older children.

This activity also works well with our other holiday-themed crafts, such as our 4th of July crafts, as it will allow children to explore holidays from other countries as well as their own.

Canada Day coloring craft

Easy coloring Canada Day spinner craft

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Step by step instructions

Start by printing the symbol wheel and cover on white cardstock paper.

color the symbols

Color the symbol wheel  and cut it out.

color the cover

Color the cover and cut it out.

make hole in cover

Use a hole punch to make a hole in the middle of the cover. (where marked)

make hole in wheel

Use a pencil to make a hole in the middle of the symbol wheel. (where marked)

attach the wheel and cover

Attach the story wheel and cover together with a paper fastener.

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