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Cool Gifts under $30 for Kids

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We buy many gifts for kids throughout the year and most of them are not for our own children. The older our kiddos get the more birthday party invitations they receive from friends, classmates and neighbors. I do my best to find great birthday gifts that will appeal to the ones receiving them but there are many times when I have no clue what the little ones would prefer. What’s their favorite movie, character, book or color? I may know nothing of all these so I like to have a list of cool gifts that I can go to whenever needed.

The ten gifts on this list will foster children’s creativity through crafting and art making, intrigue their curiosity about life and our world, build self-esteem while learning how to master a sport and tell time and encourage scientific nature observation.

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  1. World Puzzle – this round puzzle includes 208 double-sided cardboard pieces. I love that it comes in a portable illustrated case where you can keep all the pieces together and makes it easy to take it along in the car.
  2. Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium – is a kit for creating a miniature garden. Kids will enjoy seeing the seeds turn into big plants and learn how to take care of them. At night the garden will become a magical place, thanks to 45 glow-in-the-dark stickers.
  3. Eco Crafts – is a set of 20 crafts to create puppets, animals and jewelry using recycled materials.
  4. Gigantic Racket Set – two lightweight rackets that come with foam tennis ball and oversized birdie to help kids with their tennis practice.
  5. Wrist Watch – featuring cartoon cars. Here is also a girls’ watch.
  6. Walkie Talkie – easy to handle and use by young kids. They come in several colors.
  7. Pocket Microscope – the perfect item to take along in nature expeditions.
  8. Just Rocks – 32 crayons designed to help improve motor coordination.
  9. Press Here – a game based on a popular book that will encourage kids to express their creativity.
  10. Koala Crate – Kiwi Crate are well known for their subscriptions for kids but you may not be aware that they also offer just one single box.

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Sharing is caring!

Beth Bishop

Wednesday 11th of October 2017

My sons are now in their thirties and they played with just about everyone of these! I don’t remember the head flashlight back then, but they loved any flashlight! The playmat has been passed down to our grandson and boy does it get some use. Best thing I ever bought-hot wheels and a playmat. Those darn Legos were always underfoot-ALWAYS. I have to say, though that any big cardboard box was a boat, rocket ship or race car. If it was big enough for Dad to get in there with them, so much the better. I am enjoying your site so much, thanks for all the ideas…Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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