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Decorating with Airplanes

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Being a boy mom gives a different perspective of the outdoors. I used to look for pretty flowers when I was a little girl. Now I help my two boys collect rocks and count the planes in the sky. Airplanes…now there’s an interesting subject. The closest my kids got to one is at the airport where we went to pick up grandma and then drop her off at the end of her stay with us. This happened a year ago but lately airplanes found a way back into our topics of discussions because of dad’s business trips.

I was curious to see what airplane decorations are out there and these are my favorites.

Plane Wallpaper by Little Hands

I’ve never been a big fan of wallpapers( though I grew up in a wallpapered room) before having this blog. Through my search for interesting toy alternative gifts for kids I came across many amazing wallpaper designs and the ones created by Little Hands are a great example. They invite you to dream and fly up high in the sky, in one of those vintage airplanes. Little Hands creates personalized wallpaper to fit perfectly on your wall. You can not only add your kid’s name on it, if you like, but you can challenge the two illustrators behind Little Hands to design a wallpaper based on your child’s favorite character or theme.

Vintage Airplane Blueprint Bedding by RH baby & child (photo source: Baby Hanson)

No need to count sheep anymore to fall asleep, just count airplanes, and who knows where they will take you when you close your eyes…I bet it’s a magical place!

Globe Decorative Pillows by RH baby & child

These decorative pillows are not only fun but also educational. Great way to teach kids about the continents and way softer to handle than a regular globe.

Personalized Vintage Airplane Pillow Cover by Hello Girl Boutique

If you love the shabby chic look, you’ll probably fall in love with this pillow case. What is there not to love? A vintage airplane print on a soft fabric. Perfect for an aviation nursery.

Have fun decorating with airplanes! Perfect for an aviation / travel nursery or kid's bedroom - at Non Toy Gifts

Airplane Print by Cava Design

This vintage airplane print matches the above pillow case and I think they would look great together in the same room. High quality product and many color choices available.

Have fun decorating with airplanes!

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Su {Ethan & Evelyn}

Wednesday 28th of October 2015

These are so lovely! I really like: Globe Decorative Pillows by RH baby & child. I wonder if they can turned to be as a bean bag too. :) Thanks for the idea.


Friday 30th of October 2015

I suppose they can. I don't see why not. They do look lovely indeed :)


Tuesday 27th of October 2015

These are absolutely amazing! Love them! Especially the globes! Thanks so much for linking up with The Alder Collective! Hope to see you again this week! Have an awesome night!


Friday 30th of October 2015

I must say I don't have a favorite, I love them all :)


Saturday 24th of October 2015

I thought we were going to have an airplane themed room once, but my son changed his mind Thanks for sharing at Made for Kids!

Alayna @AlaynasCreations

Friday 23rd of October 2015

Airplanes can be so fun can't they? I love those white line drawings on the red background - so simple yet makes a big statement. Thanks for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty link party

Let kids be kids

Thursday 22nd of October 2015

My son likes airplanes, these things would make a lovely room. Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids


Friday 23rd of October 2015

What is it with boys and airplanes? :)

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