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DIY Flag T-shirts for Kids

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I woke up knowing it was going to be a long and busy day. Not the usual long and busy with kids. I had several things on my to-do list that I had to check off while tagging the kids along. I was prepared for a tough, crazy day but I definitely wasn’t expecting it to turn into a disaster. When one thing (the most important on the list) fell flat , it set off a domino effect for the rest. And as if that wasn’t enough, a bee stang me…in the face.

Yep! That was my day. Yesterday.

When I finally got back home, I found on the table the t-shirts the kids and I’d made during the morning and this put a little smile back on my face. Despite all the madness, I managed to squeeze in this little craft and I’m so glad I did it.

diy flag shirts for kids to make

Inspired by these great 10 diy patriotic shirts for kids, I decided to try our own version of a red, white and blue t-shirt.

DIY American flag shirt for kids to make. This is an easy patriotic craft for 4th of July, Memorial Day or Flag Day. | at Non Toy Gifts

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Easy DIY Flag T-shirts for Kids to Make

Materials: white shirts, blue fabric paint, red fabric paint, paint sponge or brush, freezer paper, iron

Prep work (mom)

Step 1: Cut out stripes and stars from the freezer paper

Step 2 : Iron the freezer paper stripes and stars on the t-shirt

Step 3 : Insert cardboard inside the shirt (body and arms) so the paint won’t get to the back

diy flag shirts for kids to make

Creative work (kid)

Step 4 : Use the red and blue fabric paint to color the shirt

diy flag shirts for kids to make

Step 5: Let it dry

diy flag shirts for kids to make

My boys were super excited to wear their flag t-shirts today and show them off to friends and neighbors.

Have a great 4th of July weekend!

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Easy DIY Flag Craft for Kids

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