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10+ DIY Patriotic Shirts for Kids

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10+ Easy DIY patriotic shirts for kids to make for the 4th of July. Craft, celebrate and have fun!

If you’re looking for cute patriotic shirts, instead of going to a store, consider making yourself one of these DIY fourth of July shirts for kids. There are so many beautiful fourth of July shirt designs to chose from.

Depending on your kid’s age, you can involve them in the creation process, or you can make a t-shirt for them.

DIY patriotic shirts kids

Fourth of July is one of the most beloved holidays and yet I didn’t look forward to it for a few years. The hours leading up to sunset would find me in my PJs, ready to run up the stairs to comfort my babies. Oh, those fireworks! I dreaded them.

Every firework that would go off acted like a Chinese drip to my nerves. I knew one would eventually wake up my little boys.

They would be too scared to go back to sleep on their own and I had to bring them into our bed and stay with them.  I would fall asleep in the end.

Not necessarily the kind of celebration I had in mind for the 4th of July.

Last year the boys were old enough to stay up later and we could finally enjoy the fireworks. Yuppie! I plan on taking it up a notch this summer and celebrate Independence Day in patriotic shirts that the kids and I can make together.

More 4th of July crafts:

DIY Patriotic shirts for kids

DIY patriotic shirts to make for kids

DIY Patriotic shirts kids can make

The first ideas in this collection are for t-shirts that kids can make themselves with  little or no help from an adult (depending on their age), while the last two require the use of a sewing machine and thus mom’s  help.

DIY patriotic shirts for kids

These tees are made with just sponge cut into strips and stars and blue and red paint. Kids can get creative and make their own design. The more original the better.

DIY patriotic shirts for kids 1

Tie dye patriotic shirts for the entire family- make sure to check the link for tips and tricks

DIY patriotic shirts for kids 2

Another tie dye patriotic shirt, just a different design, a bit easier – if you ask me.

DIY patriotic shirts for kids 3

Hand print crafts are among kids’ favorite activities. Why not try a hand print patriotic shirt?

DIY patriotic shirts for kids 4

This handful of fireworks t-shirt is another fun hand print craft for kids.

DIY patriotic shirts for kids 5

For this hand print American flag tee, you need to paint the palm blue and four fingers red. When the paint dries, make a few white dots.

DIY patriotic shirts for kids 6

Make these star shirts in just two simple steps. First step of ironing freezer paper stars onto white shirts needs to be done by mom but the painting is all for the kids. They can use brushes or a spray bottle with red or blue paint and a little water.

DIY patriotic shirts for kids 7

An eraser stamped shirt that starts with a freezer paper star (like the tee above) but instead of brushes it uses a pencil with an unused eraser to stamp dots around the star.

These are the flag shirts my kids made for the 4th of July parade.

Patriotic Shirts for Moms to Sew

DIY patriotic shirts for kids8

American flag t-shirts made with fabric and buttons. I love that the mom made a girl and a boy version. Cute!

DIY patriotic shirts for kids 9

This patriotic ribbon shirt is absolutely adorable and looks pretty easy to make. But just in case, you can find a full video tutorial on how to make it.

I hope you like these DIY patriotic shirts for kids and will be inspired to try one with your child.

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