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Dog paper hat

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If you’re looking for a fun and easy animal activity for your kids, this dog paper hat is the perfect solution to keep little ones engaged.

dog paper hat for kids

This exciting dog paper crown is easy to make at home or in the classroom with your students, in case you are a teacher.

Dog lovers or not, kids will absolutely enjoy this interactive craft. And if your kid’s favorite pet is a cat, we’re working on a cat paper hat too. So, please make sure to come back to see that one.

More paper hats for kids:

colored and black and white dog paper hat for kids

Say you’re having an animal-themed birthday party or a farm party/event; incorporate the dog paper hat making into the activities. These hats are great for both kids and adults to make and wear.

The headbands are an excellent way to entertain your preschoolers and older kids will love them too. There won’t be any signs of boredom during the task!

While making these paper crowns an exciting activity, it will also help kids work on their fine motor skills. From coloring to cutting, your child is learning while enjoying the craft.

Why is coloring important for kids?

Our template comes in two options: colored or black and white.

colored dog paper hat for preschoolers

The black and white option is great for incorporating coloring into the activity. Coloring is essential for improving fine motor skills in children.

Learning to color is not only about fine motor skills. It helps young children develop hand strength and refine their pencil grip.

You will also find that kids who spend more time coloring tend to become more creative with their drawing.

Use this dog paper hat as a creative way to promote key developmental skills. Exciting activities like this craft make learning these skills much more fun than just traditional methods.

Did you know this about dogs?

While dogs bring so much fun to households, there are so many other fascinating facts about dogs. Here are a few extraordinary facts:

  • Dogs have such extraordinary smelling abilities. Their sense of smell is at least 40x better than humans. So, this is why you’re likely to see your dog sniffing everything they find.
  • Another enhanced sense that they have is hearing. Dogs hear at a different frequency compared to us. They can hear softer sounds and sounds that are further away. This is why they struggle with loud noises. To them, it sounds a lot louder than we hear.
  • Their ears have 18 muscles controlling their movement. Dogs use their ears to express a lot of their body language.
  • Most dogs who love the water are excellent swimmers. If you have a swimming pool at home, introduce your dog to the water early.

Dog paper hat

dog headband for kids

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How to make a dog headband

Print the headband on white paper.

Color the dog, if using the black and white template. Cut the front piece out.

tape the side panels

Tape two side panels to the front piece.

Bend the headband into a circle. Wrap it around the kid’s head to check for fit. Tape the ends together.

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