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11 Easter Religious Crafts and Arts

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Whether you’re looking for a simple Easter craft to make with your kid(s) at home or a Easter Sunday School idea, you will like these Easter religious crafts and arts.

Easter crafts bring a festive spirit into our homes, but they are more then just decoration.

They serve as a bridge, connecting young kids with the profound narratives of faith and resurrection.

Crafting together not only fills hours with joy and creativity but weaves in stories of hope and rebirth.

Through Easter religious crafts, we have the chance to explore the Easter story and Holy symbols in a way that resonates with kids.

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Projects ranging from heart cross craft to sunset on Mt. Calvary, from tape resistant art to the creation of Easter story stones, beckon families to dive into faith-based activities.

The act of making, whether it’s a simple paper plate cross or a detailed mosaic cross, opens doors to discussions about the significance of the resurrection story and the symbolism of the cross.

Indeed, these crafts are not just activities but vehicles for imparting lasting lessons of love, sacrifice, and renewal.

The Cross Symbolism

11 religious Easter crafts for kids

The cross emerges as an important symbol during Easter activities, embodying faith, resurrection, and sacrifice in the Christian tradition.

For many, engaging in cross crafts with kids not only serves as a heartwarming Easter craft but also opens pathways for deep, faith-based conversations.

Embracing this symbol through crafts like mosaic cross crafts or simple pencil dot art offers a tactile method to connect with the Easter resurrection story.

It gives everyone, from preschoolers with their pom pom activities to older kids exploring tape-resistant cross art projects, a hands-on experience with the holiday’s profound themes.

This practice of crafting, whether it’s through constructing a paper plate cross or a sunset on Mt. Calvary scene, affirms Easter traditions that have been cherished for generations, intertwining creativity with spiritual reflection.

Easter religious crafts and arts

He is Risen craft for kids.

He Is Risen! 

This is a pop up, interactive craft that brings the resurrection story to life. With simple materials like paper and a craft stick, the true essence of Easter unfolds right in your hands.

You’d start by downloading the printable, which beautifully illustrated Jesus and his tomb.

Kids glue Jesus onto the craft stick, a symbol of faith and resurrection now literally is in their small hands.

But the magic happens when they lift that craft stick.

Jesus rises, emerging from the tomb right before their eyes.

This craft was more than just an activity; it was a bridge between faith, creativity, and understanding.

Easter cross art project - craft for kids

Cross art project

This project involves a cross art craft that will capture your imagination and spirit.

With just one simple template, you can create four unique art pieces. 

The first technique calls for pencil dots, a method where patience turns a blank canvas into a dotted masterpiece. 

Then, there’s the fingerprint art, where your unique touch breathes life into the design. 

For those who love colors, the multi color art technique allows for a vibrant expression of faith.

Lastly, the one color art technique challenges us to make a profound statement with a singular hue.

Heart cross craft for kids

Heart cross craft

Using the available printable, kids will cut out two distinct shapes: crosses and hearts.

These symbols will soon intertwine in a lovely display of faith and creativity.

Once the shapes are ready, kids will get their hands busy with glue, bringing together the crosses and hearts on a black cardstock paper.

This contrast not only highlights the vibrant designs but also serves as a metaphor for light emerging from darkness.

It’s a wonderful way to engage preschoolers in Easter activities that resonate with deeper themes of resurrection and love.

Paper plate yarn cross craft for kids

Paper plate cross craft

Combine paper plates and yarn as well as the free printable template to create a colorful cross craft.

Start by painting a paper plate any color you want.

Thread yarn through holes made around the cross cut out in the middle of the paper plate.

There are three designs to choose from or kids can come up with their own design.

Sunset on Mt Calvary

This engaging activity not only helps kids practice their scissors cutting skills but also serves as a vivid canvas for discussing the profound Easter story.

You’ll need to cut out strips of colorful paper, reminiscent of a setting sun’s palette.

This craft proves to be more than just an artistic endeavor; it opens a gateway for discussions about faith, sacrifice, and resurrection.

Pom pom cross activity

This pom pom cross activity merges creativity with tactile learning, perfect for fostering an early appreciation of Easter’s profound meanings.

A free template ensures that the project remains accessible, even to preschoolers, promising an outcome that’s both heartwarming and visually stunning.

Embarking on this craft doesn’t demand expert skills.

Instead, it welcomes families into a creative embrace, encouraging conversations about Holy symbols and the significance behind the cross.

The blend of colors, the feel of materials, and the shared experience contribute to a deepened understanding of Easter traditions.

Not only does this activity offer a spirited way to celebrate the holiday, but it also becomes a cherished faith activity.

Paper plate cross craft

This paper plate craft features the three crosses, set against the backdrop of a coffee filter sunset.

It all starts with a simple coffee filter.

Who would have thought that it could transform into a canvas depicting the awe-inspiring sunset on Mt Calvary?

Tape resistant cross art project

In this DIY Easter craft, you will use tape to sketch out the silhouette of a cross on a canvas or thick paper.

Once the tape secures its place, let your creativity flow with paints.

You might choose colors that reflect the dawn of hope or the solemnity of the sacrifice.

Upon completion, the moment of revelation arrives.

Peeling off the tape exposes a pristine cross amidst a burst of colors.

Easter story stones

Paint smooth rocks with elements and symbols from the Easter story.

Once painted, these stones don’t just serve as colorful decorations.

You can use them to narrate the Easter story in a way that’s as engaging as it is educational.

Imagine sitting with your kids, each stone in hand, as you piece together the story of resurrection and hope.

It’s not just a craft; it’s an experience that knits together art, faith, and family.

Notably, this craft requires patience and precision, yet the outcome justifies every moment spent.

Sunset cross

This sunset cross activity stands out with its dazzling colors of the sunset.

The process invites hands of all sizes to participate, making it an ideal family activity. As you sit around the table, scissors in hand, there’s a shared excitement. The act of selecting each paper strip becomes a canvas for their imagination, blending the vibrant colors of purple, orange, and red to mirror the sky’s beauty. This craft not only teaches children about the importance of Easter but also allows them to express themselves through the creation of a Sunset Cross, fostering both their artistic and spiritual growth.

Mosaic Easter cross craft

Tearing the paper into assorted shapes and sizes will have seemed a playful activity at first. 

Yet, as kids begin to piece together this mosaic puzzle, a beautiful cross starts to take form on your canvas.

The variety of colors in your mosaic will remind you that the journey to resurrection passed through moments both dark and light.

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