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Easy Paper Plate Flower Craft

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I try to keep our crafting supplies handy for my kids. My 5-year old loves to create with anything that falls into his hands, from sticks and pine cones to paper scraps and paper rolls. It used to be me who would come up with craft ideas. But lately he kinda started taking over this role and I’m the one following his lead. This was the case with this paper plate flower craft. He took out a paper plate, painted it and cut it “like a pizza”. My only input was to glue it to paper and draw a stem and leaves. Some crafts are super easy and this is one of them.

Easy paper plate flower craft for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids to make this spring and summer. Paint, cut and glue - fun! | at Non-Toy Gifts


Easy paper plate flower craft

Simple paper plate flower craft for kids to make this spring and summer. | at Non-Toy Gifts

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Paper plate flower craft for kids to make this spring | at Non-Toy Gifts

Step 1: Start by painting the paper plate. Use one, two or several colors. Be creative and make your own pattern.

Step 2: Once the paint has dried, you can cut the paper plate into 4 to 8 slices.

Step 3: Glue the paper plate slices to the mixed media paper. Leave a small gap between the petals. Glue a small pom pom in the middle of the flower.

Step 4: Use a green marker to draw the stem and a couple of leaves.

Sharing is caring!