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Easy Transformers Boy Gift

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My 3 year old was invited to his first preschool birthday party. One of his colleagues turned four and had his party yesterday. It was short notice. We got the invite on Friday and I only had 2 days to come up with a gift idea. I knew nothing about the little fellow in terms of what he liked. The only hint was the Transformers invitation (later that day his dad confirmed his love for the  Transformers).

I wanted to make something for him. A Transformers gift for a little boy… What about a t-shirt? Or two? After all they were easy to make.
I started with two blank basic tees and used freezer paper stencils to create the images. If you’re not familiar with this technique here are four steps to follow. They will guarantee you a nice result:


1. Print your imagine on regular paper and then trace it to freezer paper. Use a craft knife to cut the image out.
2. Iron the freezer paper on the shirt, glossy side down. (if your design has small parts don’t forget to add those). The waxy side of the freezer paper adheres to the shirt and creates a seal.
3. Paint using fabric paint. Apply as many layers as necessary but let the paint dry in between.
4. When the paint has dried, peel off the freezer paper.
Final touch: a personalized card and here we have a DIY Transformers birthday gift for a little boy!

Sharing is caring!