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The Whimsy Factory – dress up clothes and costumes (for Minnesotan kids)

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Pretend play is important in children development, helping them not only to expand their imagination but also learn about themselves and the world, cultivate communication and social skills. One way parents can help kids engage in creative play is by making sure they have access to a dress up bin.
The Whimsy Factory is a local  business that offers a curated collection of children’s dress up clothes and costumes. The owners, Heather Fairbanks  and Alison Amundson , have been friends for many years and shared a passion for dressing up and hosting events. You can connect with The Whimsy Factory online, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Q: What inspired you to create The Whimsy Factory?

A: Affordable, well made dress up clothes are hard to find. When Heather’s daughter started expressing an interest in dress ups, they found a couple of lines they loved and Heather wanted to share the products with a larger audience. We’ve often talked about starting a business together, so once Heather pitched the idea, Alison was all for it.

Q: What makes The Whimsy Factory special?
A: We enjoy finding products that inspire hours of imaginative play and that our own children love. The fabrics are all durable, comfortable and many outfits are even machine washable.
Q: Where can people find and buy your children’s dress up clothes and costumes?
A: Online, we can be found at We also have a booth we bring to vendor/craft shows and events like the Winter Carnival Kid’s Day. We post about upcoming events on our facebook page and also on our website.
Q: What are the most popular girl and boy costumes in your collection?
A: Rapunzel, Snow White and the Scottish Princess have all been great sellers for girls. However, we just added the Frost Sisters and have had a lot of positive feedback. For boys, the Hero Cape has been popular. It’s one of our favorites because it’s so versatile for all kids (and also machine washable).

Q: What’s one thing about your business that you are most proud of?

A:  We’re proud of ourselves for just taking the leap and starting a business! It’s been such a fun learning process. It’s an added bonus that we’re in the business of bringing joy and whimsy to kids. 

Sharing is caring!