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10 Encouraging Books about First Day of Kindergarten

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Though we’re still one year away from Kindergarten, I find myself already thinking of it. I know that first day will be filled with excitement for my son who looks forward to that special first bus ride but I fear it will be more of an emotional day for me.

Adapting to changes is a slow process for my child and though he’s bursting with excitement about the daily bus ride, he may not expect a new classroom full of unfamiliar faces and new teachers, all in a new environment.

One way I can help him prepare and feel confident about starting school is to read him encouraging books about the first day of Kindergarten. The question is now: How do I prepare myself for the first day of Kindergarten?

10 Encouraging books about First Day of Kindergartner.

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Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come by Nancy Carlson

Henry is excited about all the new things he will do in Kindergarten but when he arrives to school, he gets nervous and wants to go back home. It is a sweet story that will help children ease their minds about Kindergarten as they discover together with Henry that school is as much fun as they expected.

Kindergarten, Here I Come! by D.J. Steinberg

This book, which is a series of poems, talks about different events that will happen once you start Kindergarten, from a field trip to the zoo, losing  a tooth to the hundredth-day-of-school party. Each new aspect of Kindergarten is addressed in a funny poem and charming illustrations.

The Night Before Kindergarten by Natasha Wing

Kids are excited for their first day of Kindergarten but also nervous. They pick up school supplies, a favorite outfit and get everything ready. The hardest part is saying good-bye to mom and dad and parents are as anxious as their little ones.

Kindergarten Rocks! by Katie Davis

Dexter is getting ready for his first day of Kindergarten and he is not nervous at all. His stuffed dog, Rufus, is though. Dexter’s big sister is there to reassure him and his little friend that while it is ok to be scared, they will be fine. By the end of the day, the new kindergartner cannot but admit that Kindergarten is a cool place to spend his days.

Planet Kindergarten by Sue Ganz-Schmitt

The first day of Kindergarten feels like getting in a spaceship and flying in outer space to discover and explore a new planet. It’s a totally new adventure and “failure is not an option”.

Countdown to Kindergarten by Alison McGhee

A little girl counts down the last 10 days to Kindergarten. She’s concerned about all the rules she’s heard about from a first grader.  What if she’s not able to follow all the rules? What if she doesn’t know as much as the other students? Once she gets to Kindergarten, she realizes she’s not the only one.

Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten by Toni Buzzeo

Adventure Annie is ready for her first day of Kindergarten. At first she struggles to adjust to the rules of the Kindergarten class, and once she does, it’s up to her to save the day when 2 of her classmates get lost.

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten by Joseph Slate

Miss Bindergarten is setting up the classroom for the first day of Kindergarten. In the meantime students get ready as well. They are presented in alphabetical order from Adam the Alligator to Zach the Zebra.

On the Way to Kindergarten by Virginia Kroll

Bear is 5 years old now and he’s ready to go to Kindergarten. The story starts with him as a newborn baby and goes through some of the things he learned to do at different ages: sing his ABCs, ride a tricycle, learn the days of the week.  Next milestone is first day of Kindergarten.

Welcome to Kindergarten by Anne Rockwell

A little boys gets to visit his Kindergarten classroom and meet his teacher before the schools starts. He learns about each center of the classroom and becomes familiar and comfortable with the new environment.

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