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Who Wants to Play in the Mud?

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This post was sponsored by P&G as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.


It was a beautiful hot summer day and my kids wanted to play outside with water. As they were splishing and splashing around, I started working on a little idea to take their fun play to the next level. I created an outdoor space where the boys could drive their trucks on muddy trails and take their LEGO people on a walk to the park on the top of a hill. Water, mud, trucks and rocks. What could be more fun for a little boy?


Putting the play space together was quite easy and it only required a few inexpensive items and a couple of natural elements. I started with 2 bags of dirt, though depending on the container (We used a kids pool.) and the size of the bags, you may need more or less.


Then the kids and I worked side by side to mark down the track with pebbles and decorate with faux moss. (You can find the moss at any craft store.) I also added a couple of plastic greens, a pond (Use any plastic bowl filled with water.) and a trail made out of sticks.


My kids had a blast playing with mud and water and once they were done we had to scoop them up and carry them directly to the bath tub. There was no clean spot left on their clothes and bodies but considering all the fun they’d had it was all worthy. While my husband and I were scrubbing the dirt off the kids I had a helper doing the same with their clothes: my Tide Advanced Power laundry detergent. I know I can always trust it with the toughest stains on both white and colored clothes. With all the summer outdoor activities in full swing, dirty clothes fly into the washing machine every single day. So I make sure to buy the Tide Advanced Power at Costco where I get a bigger bang for the buck.


When you are a mom you are grateful for every help you can get to keep the kiddos as well as the house neat and clean with the least amount of effort. One of my daily allies is the Bounty Advanced paper towels. It is there to help me after art projects, science experiments or cooking with kids experiences.


Here we took the crafting table outside on the deck for a painting session. The boys got creative with rocks, sticks and some pine cones. Meanwhile I played the assistant role, taking painted masterpieces out of their way so they can dry and handing out Bounty Advanced paper towels. I use Bounty Advanced because it is a very absorbent towel (It is Bounty’s most absorbent towel versus National Bounty Select-a-size Towels) and has durable sheets.(When wet,  it has the strongest and most durable sheets versus National Bounty Original). What I also like about it is that every Bounty Advanced paper towel roll is individually wrapped, which makes it so easy to grab one and throw it in the car when you go out for a picnic or a road trip. I’m telling you, it’s the little things in the Procter & Gamble products from Costco that make the difference.


A while back one of my friends introduced me to another P&G product I make sure to never run out of: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and here is why. My youngest is an energetic and creative little man who can’t limit his creativity to given surfaces. He can go wild and when this happens, paint and crayons will most likely end up on walls or floor.


Unless you have coloring wallpapers or want to repaint your house on a regular basis I highly recommend Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It easily gets your walls back to their original look, time and time again.


Next time you go to Costco make sure to get these three Procter & Gamble products into your cart. They will become your best cleaning allies.

Sharing is caring!