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Footprint Turkey Wreath – Thanksgiving Craft

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Looking for an easy Thanksgiving craft for kids? Make this adorable footprint turkey wreath and you can use it as holiday decoration.

If you are a preschool teacher, make it with your students and have them write their names onto the paper plates.

Have them displayed in the classroom before sending them home to parents. They would make a great classroom Thanksgiving decoration!

Footprint turkey wreath - easy Thanksgiving craft for kids to make with paper plate.

Crafting with toddlers can be challenging at times. They don’t have the patience to make a craft from start to finish or much control over their fine motor skills like older kids do. So they get easily frustrated.

This craft starts with the footprint and if your child doesn’t want to do the rest, you can take over and decorate the paper plate’s rim and the turkey. Use only one paint color with young kids and let them chose it themselves.

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Footprint turkey craft for kids

Kids love handprint and footprint crafts. I have not met one kid who wouldn’t be up for it. Sometimes they may not enjoy getting “dirty” and covered in paint. If this is the case with your kid, you can trace their foot on colored paper, cut it out and glue it to the paper plate.

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Footprint turkey wreath

Footprint turkey wreath - Thanksgiving craft

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How to make a footprint turkey craft

Step 1: Apply brown paint on your child’s foot and press it onto a paper plate. Make sure the toes touch the rim of the paper plate.

Footprint on paper plate

Step 2: Once the paint has dried, use a craft knife to cut along your kid’s footprint and then go around the rim in a circle.

Footprint turkey

Step 3:  Paint the turkey’s “feathers”around the paper plate. We used brown, red, orange and red paint but you can also include purple and beige. Feel free to use one color or several colors or even come up with your own painting pattern.

Hand your kid crayons or markers if you don’t feel like handling a potentially messy painting step.

Footprint turkey with feathers

Step 4: Cut out the beak from yellow cardstock paper and the snood from red cardstock paper and glue them onto the footprint. Glue also the small googly eyes.

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