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Yarn and Paper Plate Turkey Craft

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This yarn and paper plate turkey craft is a delightful and engaging activity for kids to enjoy during the Thanksgiving season.

We have used quite a lot the yarn and paper plate combo for crafts this year, from boats and jellyfish to apples and witches. Today, we’re using these two materials together again to create a yarn and paper plate turkey craft. It’s super simple to make and kids will love it.

Using simple materials like a paper plate, yarn, and construction paper, kids can let their creativity soar and as they create their very own turkey craft.

The process involves threading yarn through holes in a paper plate and creating a vibrant and textured display of feathers. Add the head made from paper and the googly eyes and the turkey craft is done.

Yarn and paper plate turkey crafts for kids to make for Thanksgiving. | at Non-Toy Gifts

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We used a white paper plate that we painted brown but if you want to skip the painting step you can start with a brown plate. This would be particularly useful if you’re a teacher and you want to make this craft in the classroom with your students.

Simple yarn and paper plate turkey craft

If you find multi color yarn in a craft store and it is the right colors for a turkey, use it.

Otherwise, you can combine several colors, like brown, beige, yellow, orange, red and purple.

Yarn and paper plate turkey craft

Yarn and paper plate turkey craft for kids

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Step 1: Start by painting the rim of the paper plate brown. Set it aside to dry.

TIP: Kids don’t need to paint the entire plate as the center of the plate will be cut out.

Turkey head

Step 2: While the paint is drying, cut out a circle from brown cardstock paper for the turkey’s head. Cut also a beak from yellow cardstock paper and the red snood.

Glue them on the brown paper. Glue also two big googly eyes. The bigger the eyes, the funnier the turkey will look.

Cut paper plate

Step 3: Cut out the center circle of the paper plate.

Paper plate with holes

Step 4: Use a hole punch to make a few holes at the bottom of the paper plate. Then punch some more holes at the top of the paper plate, too.

Yarn and paper plate

Step 5: Thread yarn through the holes. You can use one or more colors of yarn. Use a plastic needle for young kids.

Step 6: Once you’re done with the yarn, glue the head onto the bottom of the paper plate.

Easy yarn and paper plate turkey craft

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