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40 Halloween Crafts for Kids

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Looking for easy Halloween crafts for kids ? From climbing spiders and flying witches to vampires who need a haircut, pumpkin wreaths, bat decorations and more, you’ll find many ideas for your toddlers, preschoolers or kindergartners.

40 Halloween crafts for kids made with paper, paper roll, paper plate, paper bag, cardboard and egg carton. Create vampires, witches, bats, pumpkins, ghosts, Frankenstein, spiders, witch broom, haunted house and more. | at Non-Toy Gifts

There isn’t any scary crafts in this collection. Instead you’ll discover plenty of silly and creative ideas that will invite your little one to paint, cut, play and giggle. They are all fun kids Halloween crafts.

Easy Halloween crafts for kids

To make it easier for you to navigate, I grouped the easy Halloween crafts by material: from paper, paper bags and paper plates to paper rolls, cardboard and egg cartons.

40 fun and easy Halloween crafts for kids made with paper, paper roll, paper plate, paper bag, cardboard and egg carton.

Halloween crafts with paper

We love using just paper for our crafts and there are so many paper Halloween crafts ideas below – from pumpkins and black cats to Halloween books and climbing spiders.

Paper Halloween crafts for kids

You need to check out this Roll a Jack-O-Lantern game that you can play at home or at school as part of the Halloween classroom party.

Paper bag Halloween crafts

These DIY Halloween crafts are all made with paper bags – a craft supply that you will find in any household.

Paper bag Halloween crafts for kids: vampire, monster, haunted house, bat, witch broom and black cat

Paper plate Halloween crafts

Paper plates are among our favorite craft materials. They are easy to use and sturdy and make great crafts.

Paper plate Halloween crafts for kids: black cats, Jack-O-Lantern, witches, bats, Halloween wreath, ghosts, vampire, spiders,

RELATED: Kids will love to play with this interactive paper plate flying bat.

Paper roll Halloween crafts

I know you will love these Halloween crafts ideas because they use a favorite material: paper rolls.

Paper roll Halloween crafts for kids

RELATED: This paper roll Frankenstein craft is too adorable!

Cardboard Halloween crafts

Turn any cardboard box into a fun Halloween craft for kids. With online shopping becoming more and more popular, I bet everyone has a box lying around the house.

Cardboard Halloween crafts for kids

These cardboard haunted house luminaries have been on display in our house for several years.

Egg carton Halloween crafts

When you go grocery shopping for eggs, don’t choose the eggs in plastic cartons. Go instead for the recycled paper/cardboard ones because you can turn them into fun crafts.

Egg carton Halloween crafts for kids

Check out more easy crafts for kids!

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