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Yarn and Paper Plate Core Apple Craft

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My parents are flying over from Europe to visit us in less than a month. Our falls are packed with fun activities and this year we’ll get to do them all together. We’ll take grandparents to the State Fair, all sorts of festivals and of course the apple orchard. We have a favorite orchard where we go every year for hay rides, games and apple donuts. We always leave with a big bag of hand picked apples. This  yarn and paper plate core apple craft is in anticipation of our orchard day this coming autumn.

Paper plate core apple craft for kids to try this fall. Easy yarn fall craft. |at Non-Toy Gifts

Paper plate core apple craft

Paper plate core apple craft for kids

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Yarn and paper plate apple craft

Step 1: Start by painting the paper plate red. You don’t have to paint all of it, though painting a paper plate can be so much fun that kids won’t stop at painting only the edge. We love using a sponge brush to paint paper plate as it’s faster.

Step 2: Once the paint is dried, cut out the middle of the paper plate. Punch holes all around the paper plate.

Step 3: Thread white yarn through the wholes of the paper plate.

Step 4: Cut two leaves out of green cardstock paper and glue them to a craft stick. Glue the stick to the back of the paper plate.

Step 5: Cut out three or four seeds from black cardstock paper and glue them on the yarn.

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