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Paper Plate Birdhouse Craft for Kids

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We love seeing animals, birds and butterflies in our yard. The kids and I even started a tradition of making bird feeders at the beginning of spring. This year we even bought a nice yellow birdhouse that we hung in one of the fir trees in our backyard. We did this just before leaving on our vacation. A month later, when we got back home, the birdhouse was still empty. Sigh. We couldn’t figure why. Was color of the birdhouse? Did we hung it up too high or too low? Did we get it too late in the summer and birds had already built their nests by then? Anyway, hopefully we’ll have more luck next year. This paper plate birdhouse craft is inspired by the beautiful yellow birdhouse. Beautiful by human standard, I don’t know about bird standards 🙂

Paper plate birdhouse craft for kids. It has a flying bird glued on a stick that kids can move along the tree branch. Fun spring or summer craft. | at Non-Toy Gifts

Paper plate birdhouse craft for kids

Paper plate birdhouse craft for kids

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Paper plate birdhouse craft collage

Step 1: Start by painting the paper plate. We love using our sponge brushes to paint paper plates as it goes much faster. Once the paint has dried, have an adult use a craft knife to cut a slit at the bottom of the paper plate.

Step 2: Cut out a tree branch out of brown cardstock paper and leaves out of green cardstock paper and glue them at the bottom of the paper plate, underneath the slit.

Step 3: Print the birdhouse template and use it to cut out the birdhouse and the bird. Glue the birdhouse on the paper plate, just above the slit.

Step 4: (optional) Cut put thin strips of yellow cardstock paper and a circle to make a sun.

Step 5: Paint the craft stick blue and glue the bird on one end of the craft stick. Add a few feathers cut out from the same pink cardstock and a small googly eye. Place the stick inside the slit and move it from behind the paper plate.

Birdhouse craft for kids

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