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Gift for kids: Baking is a great gift

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Kate from Katy Stuff is back to share with us a new non-toy gift idea for kids. They say “food is love” and baking is sure part of that love. 

I grew up in a NY house where box cake was the norm.  That scandalized my first Midwest ‘from scratch’ friends but hey, they are so easy even a 7 year old can do it.  My mom had no problem with me messing around in the kitchen and now, twentyish years later, I’m still grateful for that gift of baking (and so is my family).

When looking for a gift for my daughter’s friend I remembered this and YES baking is a great gift!
– It is an activity that can be done mostly solo for the “I can do it” kids, or, with an adult for bonding time
– Requires attention span of about 10 minutes and very basic reading – wonderful for the 6 or 7 year olds (or older)
– Little to no mess, relatively speaking that is.
– The results are tasty and can easily be consumed **consumable is a perk because then you don’t have to find a place for it…. forever….
– Gender bias toward girls yes, but, most of the famous chefs are men and what kid doesn’t want to create something delicious?
The fun part first; picking from the huge aisle of boxes of baked goods.  I stuck to ones that were easy and only a few ingredients.  +$5 for 3 mixes.
I also got a simple 12 cavity muffin tin because even if they already have 5, they nest and take up next to no room.  Having something to say “I got this for my birthday” is always nice. +$8
Finally fun cupcake wrappers, because birthday should be fun! +$1
Everything fit nicely into an impressive looking large bag and by all reports the birthday girl loved it.  
I wonder if she will keep that pan…. if it might go off to college with her.  Who knows, but I do know that she and her mom had a wonderful morning making a treat for the family and that is a gift that I don’t think Barbie can beat.
Item: Baking pan, mixes, accessory (could be wrappers, spoon, decoration etc)
Age: 6+
Cost: $10-$15
Gender: Either

Sharing is caring!