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Gifts for kids: useful guide on choosing crafty gifts for kids

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We are excited to have Kate from Katy Stuff to share with us about choosing crafty gifts for kids. She is a very crafty person (and we’re so glad to discover her 🙂 ) and a mother to three adorable kids.  

The party invitation.  The look of joy on your child’s face.  Of course birthdays are a big part of the elementary social scene (trust me, there is one) but before you hit the clearance at Target take a second to think about if you were receiving that gift into your house…

Obviously You are a conscious parent or aunt or friend since you are here looking for non toy gift ideas and here are a few notes on crafty gifts.
First of all, crafty gift are a personal favorite of mine because I’m crafty.  I understand the difference between modpodge and crazy glue but if you are giving a gift to a kid, consider few things before you wrap up that deluxe rainbow loom :
1. Consider the ages and ability of the birthday girl or boy.  The kit style boxes will give an age range that will be on the highside.  If the child is dexterous and creative they will be bored by something that is actually ‘at’ their age.  Conversely, something too above their level will be hard for them to get into.  Unless you know the child already has skill in an area (knitting, building, weaving, drawing) start with something more entry level.
2. Are the parents crafty to your knowledge?  No? Ok then, make sure you give something basic with good instructions and all the pieces in the box.  Yes?  Less worries there because you can expect buy in from the parents to help.
3. Are you giving them a project or a hobby?  Projects are better for younger kids (5-10) or kids just getting interested in creative endeavors. Things like ‘build a birdhouse’ ‘paint a clock’ or ‘grow the veggie’ are projects.  Start them, finish them, they are done.  Hobby gifts like good paint sets, knitting book and yarn, or specialized tools should go to a child you know has a bit of interest in that area.  Both have merit but think about the personality of the child and purchase accordingly.  
4. Think about the other kids in the home.  Don’t give a gift full of messy or tiny parts (like beads) if you know there are younger babies in the family.  If you have no idea, err on the side of caution.  
There are no wrong answers to these questions but if you think about them before you buy there is a far better chance of the gift being used and enjoyed then left on a shelf.
From my life we just went to a party for a creative girl turning 7.  She is 6 years older then her only brother so to me that says that she is probably good at amusing herself, but, tiny parts will be a problem. Her parents are not crafty, but, she seems to have good attention and dexterity for 7.
I choose the pot holder loom because it is easy enough she can do it completely alone but challenging enough to hold her attention for the half hour it takes to make one.  It is between project and hobby since there is enough supply for about 5 potholders in the box but also ideas on what other than pot holders to easily make.  I threw in a bag of replacement loops too so if she has a blast she can keep looping!
Until the next crafty Kate non-toy post (if they invite me back) give a gift you would be happy to receive yourself. 

Sharing is caring!


Friday 23rd of January 2015

Good points, well expressed.

Non Toy Gifts

Friday 23rd of January 2015

I know! I love buying crafty gifts for our friends' kids but I never thought of all these criteria when choosing one. Thanks, Kate for opening our eyes! :)

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