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Harriet Tubman Color and Write

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Celebrate Black History Month in February or Women’s History Month in March with this Harriet Tubman color and write activity.

Harriet Tubman color and write activity for kids

We’re on a roll with Black History Month crafts.

We started with Harriet Tubman and have already shared a simple Tubman craft as well as a lantern craft paired with a writing activity and timeline.

Kids who enjoy coloring will like this activity. They will have to color Harriet Tubman, cut out the head, body and hands and glue them onto a writing prompt.

I have also included a colored version of Harriet Tubman that needs no coloring.

Black History Month: Harriet Tubman color and write for kids

The activity comes with four writing prompts:

  1. Harriet Tubman
  2. If I could hep Harriet Tubman with the Underground Railroad, I…
  3. If I could meet Harriet Tubman, I would ask her…
  4. Black History Month

Harriet Tubman color and write

Harriet Tubman color and write to celebrate Black History Month

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Step by step instructions

Print the colored or black and white Harriet Tubman on white cardstock paper.


Color the black and white Harriet Tubman. (optional)

cut out

Cut out the body and hands.

Glue the body at the top of the writing prompt.

Glue the hands on the sides of the writing prompt.

Sharing is caring!