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Torn Paper Polar Bear Craft

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A cute torn paper polar bear craft for kids to make on a winter day. Such an easy craft for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids to practice their fine motor skills.

Torn paper polar bear craft for kids

This polar bear craft is a great addition to a winter animal study or Arctic animal themed unit. You can pair it with this torn paper penguin craft.

Torn paper polar bear craft for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids

When my oldest son went through an animal study unit at school last year, he chose the polar bear. He had to collect a lot of data for his paper and this is when I also found out some interesting facts about polar bears.

I didn’t know for instance that their skin was black, and not white as I thought it would be.

Unfortunately, these days when I think of polar bears, what comes to my mind is climate change and how it impacts the polar bears’ habitats.

I watched with the boys a series called “Planet Earth” that focuses on how climate change impacts our planet and its living creatures. The episode about polar bears was heartbreaking because they are so adorable and we all love them.

So you can use this craft also as an opportunity to teach kids what actions we can all take to save polar bears and our entire planet.

Easy winter craft: Torn paper polar bear craft

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Torn paper polar bear craft

Torn paper polar bear craft

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The polar bear craft template comes with two versions:

1. home template – print the template, cut out the patterns and trace them on appropriate paper.

2. classroom template – print the pattern directly on colored paper and cut them out.

This way you can easily craft with just one or two kids as well as with a classroom full of students.


Start by printing the page with the circle on blue paper.

paper on circle
torn paper circle

Use white torn paper pieces to fill out the circle. Start with the outside of the circle.


Glue the ears onto the blue paper, one on each side of the head.


Glue the muzzle onto the face.


Add the eyes above the muzzle.


Glue the nose at the top of the muzzle.


Use a black marker to draw the mouth.

Torn paper polar bear craft collage

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