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28 Jellyfish Crafts for Kids

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Today, we’re sharing a nice collection of jellyfish crafts for your toddler, preschooler or older kids. Make them in the classroom as part of an under the sea theme or ocean animal study unit or at home during a hot or rainy summer day, when you are stuck inside.

If letter J is coming up in your letter of the week lessons and you want to pair it with an easy craft for kids, try any of these jellyfish ideas. J is for jellyfish this summer.

Jellyfish craft ideas for preschoolers and older kids

Use a wide variety of supplies, from paper plates and paper rolls to coffee filters and egg cartons. You will make simple, fun and cute jellyfish. Some can be used as hanging decor while others are interactive crafts that kids can play with.

Jellyfish crafts for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids


Because summer is a time of fun and excitement, our jellyfish are all colorful and happy. 

28 Jellyfish crafts kids

Jellyfish crafts kids
Jellyfish crafts for kids
Summer ocean crafts: jellyfish crafts
  • Paper jellyfish. I love the mustache addition to these jellyfish and the fact that you can use the free printable to create them.
  • CD jellyfish. A fun way to recycle an old CD into a cute craft for kids.
  • CD and felt jellyfish. Another way to upcycle a CD into a jellyfish.
  • Painted rock jellyfish. Get a big rock and paint a happy jellyfish on it. Use pens and not paint for an easy painting experience.
Under the sea jellyfish craft ideas for kids
Ocean animals jellyfish
J is for jellyfish
Jellyfish ideas for kids

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