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63 Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

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Because I have created quite a few paper plate crafts with my kids throughout the years, I thought of putting them all together in a big collection. From paper plate Christmas ideas to paper plate crafts for Easter, we have them all under one roof now.

Paper plate crafts kids

They are all easy craft ideas, most of them perfect for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids. Some even work great for toddlers.

If your kids like to craft with paper plates, grab a few, some paint, maybe yarn and let’s get crafting.


Paper plate crafts kids collage

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To create these paper plate crafts for kids, you will need:

Check out every tutorial for a list of supplies specific to that craft.

To make it easier for you to navigate this big collection of crafts from paper plates, I organized it per season and holiday. This way you can easily look for your favorites. Once you find them, make sure to click on the photos or titles to check out the tutorials.


Let’s start first with some paper plate crafts grouped per season. Find beautiful spring, summer, fall and winter paper plate crafts kids can make.


Vegetable craft for kids with paper plate and yarn

Paper plate veggie garden. If you want to get your kids excited about gardening or try to convert some picky eaters you may have in your family, this garden craft will get little ones the opportunity to plant and harvest some root vegetables without getting dirty.

Carrots in the garden craft for kids. Easy paper plate spring craft for toddlers and preschoolers. | at Non-Toy Gifts

Paper plate carrot garden. This is a variation of the veggie garden above. The dirt is made not with yarn but another paper plate cut in half. This garden is specifically designed for carrots, though you can replace them with other vegetables.

Paper plate rain cloud craft

Paper plate rain cloud craft. A beautiful craft to go along with the April showers or weather study unit.

Paper plate and yarn craft for kids

Paper plate rainbow craft. Skip the rain from the previous craft and let’s just focus only on the rainbow part. And some happy clouds.

Flowers in the garden spring craft

Paper plate flower garden craft. One of my favorite spring moment is when I start working on my flower garden. After months of being covered in snow, seeing the green grass and colorful flowers grow makes me so happy.

Easy paper plate ladybug craft for preschoolers and older kids. This easy spring craft is perfect for an insect study unit in the classroom. | at Non-Toy Gifts

Paper plate ladybugs. My kids love ladybugs and these paper plate ones are so easy to make.

Easy paper plate bee craft for preschoolers and older kids. This easy spring craft is perfect for an insect study unit in the classroom. Paint a paper plate and make the black strips with a pom pom. | at Non-Toy Gifts

Paper plate bees. You can add wings to these adorable bees or keep them super simple for toddlers and preschoolers.

Paper plate bunny. We love seeing bunnies hoping around our house all the time, especially now that I discovered how to keep them away from my flower and veggie garden. Spring is the special time we get to see also baby bunnies.


Summer campfire craft

Paper plate campfire craft. This one is for kids who love campfires and s’mores and I haven’t met one kid so far who isn’t a big fan of both.

Summer camping craft for kids

Paper plate camping craft. One of our favorite summer activities is going camping. This is an interactive craft made out of two paper plates and a free template.

Paper plate ocean craft for kids

Paper plate ocean craft. Summer time and beach go hand in hand. So we have created an interactive craft where a seahorse, a fish, a whale and a star fish can swim in the ocean.

Tissue paper and paper plate jellyfish craft

Paper plate jellyfish craft. Let’s add more ocean creatures. These colorful jellyfish are a nice addition.

Simple paper plate flower craft for kids to make this spring and summer. | at Non-Toy Gifts

Paper plate flowers. Such an easy flower craft idea for preschoolers who will paint and cut a paper plate into petals.

Paper plate boat craft for kids to make this summer

Paper plate boat craft. It’s not only the ocean animals that can enjoy the waves. Let’s craft a boat and let it float on the yarn water.

Paper plate birdhouse craft with moving bird

Paper plate birdhouse craft. An interactive craft with a little bird who fly towards its birdhouse.


Color changing leaf craft for kids to make this autumn

Paper plate color changing leaf craft. See how leaves change colors in the fall with this four-color interactive craft.

Paper plate yarn weaving apple core craft

Paper plate yarn weaving apple craft. This is my favorite apple craft we have made throughout the years. Doesn’t it look stunning?

Paper plate core apple craft for kids

Paper plate apple core craft. Another way to craft an apple core with a paper plate and yarn.

Pom pom and paper plate apple craft

Paper plate apple craft. This is a very simple paper plate apple version for toddlers. Just glue white and red pom poms on the paper plate.

Paper plate apple tree craft. All these apples need an apple tree. And this one is fun to make with yarn and plastic beads.


Paper plate penguin craft for kids

Paper plate penguin. What a cute little fellow! Use our free template to make it.


It’s time now to move on to paper plate crafts kids can make for each holidays, from Valentines’ Day to Christmas.


Paper plate and yarn heart craft

Paper plate hearts. These Valentine hearts are made with yarn and plastic beads.

Paper plate heart Valentine craft for kids

Paper plate heart craft. Another variation of the Valentine hearts made with paper strips.

Paper plate penguin with a yarn heart

Paper plate heart penguin. This is a special penguin, with a big red heart, specially created for Valentines.

Valentine's Day unicorn craft for kids

Paper plate Valentine unicorn. If you have a little girl who’s into unicorns, she will love this Valentine idea.

Easy Valentine cactus craft for kids

Paper plate cactus wreath. Decorate for Valentine’s Day with a cute cactus wreath.


Lorax craft for kids

Paper plate Lorax. Lorax is such a fun Dr Seuss character to make.


Easy St Patrick's Day craft for preschoolers

St Patrick paper plate wreath. Decorate for St Patrick’s Day with a rainbow wreath.

Paper plate St Patrick leprechaun craft for kids

Paper plate leprechaun beard. Kids can practice their scissors cutting skills and trim the leprechaun’s beard.

Paper plate unicorn craft

Paper plate St Patrick unicorn. Add mini shamrocks to a unicorn to give it a St Patrick’s Day look.


Paper plate yarn cross craft for kids

Paper plate cross craft. A simple Easter religious craft.

Paper plate bunny unicorn. Turn a couple of paper plates into cute sleepy eye unicorns. If you’re not looking for more ideas, please scroll up to the spring crafts for more bunnies.


Cotton ball Earth Day craft for kids

Paper plate Earth. Make the continents and the oceans with green and blue painted cotton balls.

Paper plate and yarn Earth craft for kids

Paper plate Earth heart craft. Show how much you love Earth with this adorable craft.

Paper plate Earth craft

Paper plate and button Earth. A simple Earth craft for preschoolers.

Paper plate Earth craft for Earth Day

Paper plate and yarn Earth. Sew the continents on a blue paper plate.

Yarn and paper plate Earth craft for kids. Easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers. Earth Day craft for kids. | at Non-Toy Gifts

Easy paper plate Earth craft. If your kid is too young to sew the continents, encourage her to glue bits of yarn onto a plate.


Mother's Day paper plate and flower wreath craft for kids

Paper plate Mother’s Day wreath. Celebrate mom with a beautiful flower paper plate wreath.

Valentine's Day heart flower craft for kids

Cupcake liner flower bouquet. You can find heart cupcake liners in store around Valentine. Use them then or Mother’s Day to make a beautiful flower bouquet.

Easy paper plate Mother's Day craft for kids. | at Non-Toy Gifts

Paper plate Mother’s Day craft. Mom will love this easy craft made by her young kid.

Paper plate Mother's Day portrait. Easy craft for kids to make and gift to mom or grandma | at Non-Toy Gifts

Paper plate mom portrait. This is how I looked like in my youngest’s vision. Use egg carton or plastic flowers to decorate the portrait.


Paper plate Father's Day craft for kids

Paper plate Father’s Day craft. Dad, I love you to the moon and back! – A footprint craft kids can make for their dads on Father’s Day.


Paper plate patriotic craft. Use yarn and our free template to make this beautiful DIY fourth of July decoration.

Tissue paper patriotic flower. A darling flower wreath made with the help of a paper plate. Make it together with your kids.


Paper plate witch craft. Decorate the witch’s hair with plastic beads and flowers.

Paper plate vampire craft. This vampire isn’t scary. He just needs a haircut!

Halloween craft for kids - paper plate and handprint pumpkin

Paper plate Halloween wreath. Make a Jack’O’Lantern wreath with your kid’s handprint.


Easy yarn and paper plate turkey craft

Paper plate and yarn turkey. A simple turkey craft that you can use to decorate for Thanksgiving.

Paper plate turkey wreath Thanksgiving craft

Paper plate turkey wreath. Decorate the mantel or hung on a doorknob.

Footprint turkey craft for kids

Footprint turkey wreath. Personalize this turkey craft with your kid’s footprint.

Paper plate turkey

Paper cup turkey. Make a paper plate yarn weaving tail for your turkey.


Santa beard craft to make with paper plate this Christmas

Paper plate Santa beard. Make Santa’s beard with yarn and trim it.

Paper plate Santa beard easy Christmas craft for kids

Paper plate Santa. Another variation of Santa’s beard craft.

Christmas tree craft

Paper plate Christmas tree. This paper plate Christmas tree craft gave my kids the opportunity to use a plastic yarn needles for the first time.

Paper strip Christmas tree - trees with stars

Paper strip Christmas trees. Replace yarn with paper strips.

Paper plate reindeer Christmas craft for kids

Paper plate reindeer. Use a flameless candle for Rudolph’s nose.

Paper plate Grinch’s heart. The Grinch is a fun character to turn into a craft.

Reindeer unicorn craft for kids

Paper plate unicorn reindeer. This crafts combines two magical elements, Christmas and unicorns.


Do you need even more paper plate crafts for your kids? Here is a list of evergreen craft ideas.

Night craft kids

Paper plate day and night. An interactive and educational craft for little ones.

Rocking paper plate pirate ship craft for kids. Little boys will love this craft. | at Non-Toy Gifts

Paper plate pirate ship. This is no ordinary pirate ship, it’s a rocking ship.

Captain America paper plate shield craft for kids

Paper plate Captain America. Make Captain America’s shield with paper plate and tissue paper.

Paper plate Batman craft fro kids who are into superheroes.

Paper plate Batman. Help Batman fly over Gotham City and protect it.

Paper plate Minion

Paper plate Minion. An easy Minion craft to go along with the Despicable Me 3 movie.

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