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Paper Plate and Paper Strip Hearts

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Make these paper plate and paper strip hearts with your kids and use them to decorate for Valentine’s Day. They will look great in your family room as well as in the classroom. Use different colors for the paper plates for a more diverse look.

Paper plate heart craft for kids to make on Valentine's Day. Use as decoration in the classroom. Great for fine motor skills for preschoolers and kindergartners. #valentinesdaycrafts #heartcrafts

Paper strip hearts

Paper strip and paper plate heart craft

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Paper plates are among our favorite crafting materials. We used them to make decorations for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.

If you also enjoy crafting with paper plates, here is collection of 45 paper plate Valentine crafts. Now let’s start making our Valentine hearts.


Step 1: Start by painting the paper plate. You can use a paint brush or a paint sponge. My kids prefer the latter as it’s more fun and they can do the job very quickly this way. I have to say, I prefer it , too. Set the paper plate on the side to dry completely.

Paper plate and strip hearts

Step 2: Download the heart template and cut it out. Use the template to draw the heart in the middle of the paper plate and cut it.

Paper plate heart craft for kids

Step 3: Cut paper strips fro your red construction paper. Turn the paper plate with the face down and start gluing paper strips over the cut heart shape. You can either apply glue to both ends of the paper strips or directly to the paper plate, right next to the heart.


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