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Paper Plate Mother’s Day Portrait for Kids to Make

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Because I loved how our family portrait Christmas gifts turned out,  I thought of replicating the idea for Mother’s Day. I took out a paper plate and all the markers for my oldest to make my portrait. He’s usually very colorful and detailed  in his painting or drawing. Not this time. He only felt like using the black marker and was very minimalist. No hair, at all! 🙂 It’s true that I’d gotten myself a haircut that morning and my hair was very short. This paper plate Mother’s Day portrait idea leaves lots of room to creativity and can also make a great gift for grandma.

Easy Mother's Day portrait for kids to make for mom or grandma. Use a paper plate as canvas and decorate with egg carton flowers. Fun craft for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids. It can make a great classroom craft. | at Non-Toy Gifts

Paper plate Mother’s Day portrait

Paper plate Mother's Day portrait. Easy craft for kids to make and gift to mom or grandma | at Non-Toy Gifts

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Step 1: Hand your little ones a paper plate and markers and ask them to draw mom or grandma. If they are old enough they can also write the word MOM under the portrait. A heart would be nice too.

Step 2: Start cutting out flowers from an egg carton and paint them. Depending on the child’s age, this step can be done by the kids or the parent.

Step 3: Once the flowers are dried, they can be glued around the paper plate edge.

Sharing is caring!