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Paper Plate Apple Tree Craft

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Combine a paper plate, yarn and plastic beads to make a fun paper plate apple tree craft with your kids.

Paper plate apple tree craft for kids to try this fall. Learning about apples? Craft this fall tree with yarn and pony beads. | at Non-Toy Gifts

It’s only the end of August but it already feels like fall here in Minnesota. I know I will miss the warm sunny summer days but fall is my favorite season. So I don’t mind seeing it kick in earlier than expected.

We started off the season with the State Fair this past weekend. Next event on our autumn to do list will probably be a visit to the apple orchard. What better craft to go along with it than a paper plate apple tree craft?

Paper plate apple tree

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Many of our apple crafts are made with paper plates, from this color changing apple to this apple basket craft.

Paper plate apple tree craft

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Paper plate apple tree craft for kids

How to make a paper plate apple tree craft

1: Start by painting the paper plate green. You don’t have to paint all of it, though painting a paper plate can be so much fun that kids won’t stop at painting only the edges. We love using a sponge brush to paint paper plates as it’s faster.

Step 2: Once the paint is dried, cut out the middle of the paper plate. Punch holes all around the paper plate.

Step 3: Thread green yarn through the wholes of the paper plate. Add a few red pony beads to the yarn. When you are done sewing through all the holes, tie the two ends of yarn at the back of the paper plate. Younger kids could use a plastic yarn needle for an easier sewing experience.

Step 4: Cut two strips of grass from the green cardstock paper and the tree trunk from the brown cardstock paper. Glue them on the blue cardstock paper.

Step 5: Glue the paper plate on top of the tree trunk.

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