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Color Changing Leaf Craft

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We don’t have to go far to admire the beautiful fall colors. There is a small park right behind our house with plenty of trees. It’s like we have our own private color changing show. We  absolutely love it. Because it’s been pretty chilly the last couple of days, some of the branches have already started to turn red.  This inspired me to create a fun color changing leaf craft that my kids can play with. It’s a simple paper plate craft. Kids can change the color of the leaf by spinning the paper plates around.

Color changing leaf craft for kids to make this fall. Easy paper plate craft to teach about seasons and trees. | at Non-Toy Gifts

Color changing leaf craft

Color changing leaf craft for kids to make this autumn

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Step 1: Use a pen to divide  a paper plate into 4 equal parts. Paint each part into a different color. Start with green and then use yellow, orange and red. You may want to wait for each part to dry before moving on to the next one just because kids can get frustrated sometimes if they don’t manage to keep a straight line where the two colors come together and they may end up mixing the colors.

colored paper plate

Step 2: Draw a leaf on the other paper plate. Use a craft knife to cut it out. (adult only). Draw the leaf stem with a brown marker.

paper plate with leaf

Step 3: Place the paper plate with a leaf on top of the colored paper plate. Use a pen to poke a small hole in the middle.

Step 4: Use a brass fastener to attached the two paper plates together. If you don’t have any brass fastener don’t worry. We didn’t have one either. A sew-on snap will work just fine.

Have fun turning the plate to make the leaf change its color.


color changing leaf craft

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Sharing is caring!